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"I'm not going to let my story end here..." Joker (Reborn).jpg

"I'm not going to let my story end here..."
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Joker
Physiology Suit / Otogo
Height Appears 7'0
Weight ParaInfinite
Eye Color Black
Hair Color None
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Removed
Gender Male
Family Suits
Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Joker is an Otogo that first appears in Heir to the Stars: Joker.


In Heir to the Stars: Joker, Joker appears in the epilogue, which is actually the first thing to be witnessed. The story then starts from the beginning, leading up to the events that takes place within the Epilogue. (I actually encourage to read the story to get his history)

Powers and Abilities[]

The Joker is a Suit, as well as an Otogo, meaning that he is the sign stating that the true end is coming. He does not exist within the concepts of reality, and exist within his own personal, impersonal, and transpersonal hierarchical dimension. In other words, any category / boundary / essence / mode linked in any way to the unity and/or totality of life, death, reality, numbers, subjectivity, wave functions, wave existences, phenomena, abstract mathematics, all disciplines of physics, metaphysics, existence, conception, causality, imagination, nonexistence, possibility, nothingness, potentiality, actuality, uncertainty, truth, the unknown, the Last Principle, the First Principle, and the Grand Principle of Creation beyond absolutely cannot affect Joker. Names, Terms, and Essence cannot affect him under any possibility, totality, or nothingness; but he can fully affect all of the former.

Joker operates on an entirely different stage of philosophy, hierarchy, and logic.

Semplersworn Exclrhythm: This is on an unconscious level, and it is heavily sealed, but small traces of its influence leaks out with every action he takes.




Causality Manipulation

Logic Manipulation

Absolute Existence

Absolute Nonexistence

Qualia Subjective Reality Manipulation

Interaction Manipulation

Boundary Manipulation

Otogo Presence: In an instant (before any written or unwritten concept of actuality), the Joker can traverse a centillion amount of Galaxies (each the size of the 1st Floor). Later on, he traversed the space-time continuum (of a higher system) in an instant.

Otogo Reactions: When Samsāra charged towards Joker at a level beyond the necessity of speed (which in actuality is a level many orders beyond the necessity of presence), Joker easily physically and mentally converted him into energy. Samsāra was then dispersed all across the infinite cosmos.

Otogo Endurance: At a level beyond the necessity of speed, Amon attacked Joker, and punched him into next dimension. This of course, did not do much to Joker. Also, Joker was able to survive the destruction of several infinite universes (read Amon's page for a better understanding of scope), without as so much as a scratch.

Otogo Resistance: Joker is able to ignore the transmutations of entire infinite universes.

  • The totality of everything that exists, including all physical matter and energy, the planets, stars, galaxies, parallel dimensions, alternate timelines, quantum universes, laws, immateriality, void, and all multiple sets of physical laws and constants were turned into stone. The encompassment of all infinite universes, all infinite future phenomena, and all infinite possibilities and beyond was instantly turned into stone. The entirety of the infinite Omniverse; all modes of existence was turned into stone, crumbling away… Joker remained unaffected.

Otogo Reconfiguration: Joker had been converted into quanta, and was scattered all across the space-time continuum. In an instant, Joker placed himself back together.

Otogo Regeneration: When the effect of Amon removing his hand from Joker’s shoulder caused Joker’s entire essence to be completely and ultimately denied and canceled out on all levels and planes of existence, Joker reappeared in front of Amon before the metaphysical concept of change could process.

Quantum Manipulation: Joker possesses complete mastery over Elements, Energy, Time, Existence, Matter, and Reality.

Human Form: When Joker was stripped of all of his capabilities by an All-powerful being, he was shown to still have great power.

- In this state, Joker lost control of his power and accidentally transformed the nearby infinite collection of infinity, housing an infinite amount of infinite Metaverses into nothingness. (Remember, on the scope of the 2nd Floor)

- He was shown to be able to erase concepts.

- He is able to fight and react to a being that exists on a system that was outside and beyond, but encompassed all of time, change, action, and potentiality.

- When an entire Omniverse (of a 2nd Floor scope) was absorbed into a being, Joker was unaffected by the absorption.

- When he was stripped of and removed from all presence, all powers and capabilities, and all knowledge... he was still able to maintain his existence.


When Seal: X1.999991 – Beta is unlocked, as well as the release of the 666 Seal and the 333 Seal, Migorokami appears.

In this form, Joker is the pure concept of Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer. He is The All, and yet he encompass The All. He is the presence, the voice, the perpetual, and the infinite. This is his true form, which can only be obtained when he is absolutely completely erased.

In his appearance, Joker was literally in all points of the absolute infinite multiplicity, above all transfinite and imaginary numbers. Joker encompassed the infinite Omniverse. He was equally within all realities, all universes, planes, and dimensions. Joker was, always has been, and always will be everything. He was literally everything without exceptions. He was all possibilities and all actualities. Joker was now the Be - All, End - All of the totality of Existence. He could literally do anything he pleased because he was, is, and has always been All-powerful.

By no force of will, Joker is able to reduce a fully transcendent character into a system of nothingness outside of the infinite scope.

As he stood in the presence of Chris Spades, he was literally erasing the absolute infinite multiplicity, recreating the absolute infinite multiplicity, and calculating the absolute infinite multiplicity to its very end without any effort at all.

The infinite Omniverse was literally shown spinning on Joker’s fingertip like a basketball.

  • Based on the words of Chris Raion Spades, Joker is at a level that encompasses an Allscape.


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