Keziah Nakagawa
Keziah Nakagawa
“You really need to pay attention if you want to pass this class.”
Photo Novel Guidepost to Tomorrow
Physiology Unknown
Height 5'7
Weight 110 lbs.
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Status Existing
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation None
Keziah Nakagawa is one of the supporting characters that appears in the Guidepost to Tomorrow series. She is the teacher of August.


Keziah Nakagawa is first introduced in the city of Talia. She is a professor at the school that August and Chanaé attends. Although no suspicion was directed towards her at first, when class was over, she mysteriously told August that reality was always wrong. She later appears to explain the situation of the city and why Zions were ever-increasing.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit