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La Persona Superiore a Dio are humans who have transcended into a state higher than any conceptual or contextualized God. These are humans that are beyond any theoretical highest state of existence.

La persona superiore a Dio in Heir to the Stars is a very rare transcendence, requiring the human to reach an inverse pinnacle point, as such, they must lose the very meaning of themself. They must detach the definition of their entire being, and lose their metaphysical attachment to existence and nonexistence simultaneously. La persona superiore a Dio steps beyond the boundaries between Human and God.


La persona superiore a Dio came to be when the first human solved the Omnipotence Paradox and accidently touched the door to Midlight's Deep, surpassing the metapotence of a Creator God. Attributes of Necessary Omnipotence, Essential Meta-Omnipresence / Omni-lock / Acausality, Fundamental Meta-Omniscience, and Transverse Creator were not simply surpassed; these attributes held no meaning to the La persona superiore a Dio, as said La persona superiore a Dio was at a state so far beyond the necessity of any Deus Ex Machina that could be invoked by a truly necessary Transfictional Verse Creator, that they were no longer classified as a mere human or metahuman, but a La persona superiore a Dio.

Currently, the most famous (or rather infamous) known La Persona Superiore a Dios are the Apologia Auctoris of The Church of Necessary Evil. However, there are others than linger around that have reached the state of La Persona Superiore a Dio, without being a Paradox.


La persona superiore a Dio differ from individual, but they are all able to manipulate the paratext of a truth that is beyond the reach of the necessary truth without requiring reality alteration or a priori definitions.

La persona superiore a Dio exists in state similar to "a theory that must be denied, but cannot be considered as a fantasy or truth." Because of this, they possess impassable authority over truth and fantasy, unlinked by such modes and attributes on a personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level.


  • La Persona Superiore a Dio is Italian for "The One Above God."
  • The concept was inspired from To Aru Majutsu no Index by Kazuma Kamachi.