Lancaster Willborn
Lancaster Willborn
“What is your handicap?”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Human
Height 6'3
Weight 200 lbs.
Eye Color Red
Hair Color None
Age 23
Birth Date Silken 88
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Period
Lancaster Willborn is a character that appears in Solecism. He is a member of Period.


Lancaster Willborn appears in volume 2 of Solecism.

He appears, after Troy falls, growing tired of one-on-one fights. He challenges Sincere in hopes of defeating him and finally getting this obstacle out of the way. However, in the end, he is defeated.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Senses: He was born into the world without the ability to see, so he relies on wavefunctions to perceive the world around him. Sincere mentioned that if he could them, he could change them.

Enhanced Speed: According to Mother Mary, the entire fight with his group and Sincere lasted 0.005 attoseconds. This would make him Faster than Light by a large margin.

Wavefunction Manipulation: He is able to manipulate the probability amplitude describing the quantum state of a particle and how it behaves. Because wavefunctions fundamentally describes what makes a subject what it is, he is able to control the world on a subatomic scale. However, due to a severe illness that he possesses, his abilities are limited to what he can perceive. When started using his manipulation, the entire planet started unraveling, deconstructing before the eyes of Sincere, only for Sincere to change the probability values of what was going on.