Lanny Knight
Lundon Knighten
"The reality that you exist in is an illusion. The only thing that is real is the Moon and us."
Photo Novel Praé
Physiology Tear of an Angel
Height Inapplicable
Weight Inapplicable
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Erased
Gender Female
Family Zangetsu (sisters)
Love Interests None
Affiliation Zangetsu
"Angel of Sadness" Lanny Knight is a tear from an angel who carries the Book of the Moon. She appears in the novel Praé.


Lanny Knight is the holder of the Book of the Moon, and it's because of this fact, that Praé came after her first. The novel immediately starts off with her engaged in a fight with Praé. After the Lanny destroys the infinite universe on a quantum level, Praé utilizes energy from the Divine Ground itself to return the Lanny to 0.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Angel of Sadness is a fire manipulator with a heavy arsenal.

Inferno Manipulation: Lanny can summon up arrows of inferno and command them to strike a target from all angles. The inferno forms into arrows, traveling in a straight line from omni-directions at a speed of Mach 6600. On strike, a massive atomic explosion covers an area of 43,820,000 (km²).

  • Lanny can centralize all of the energies that exist in the atmosphere, and then fire it at a target as a super-high density, super-hot energy bullet at a speed 2 times Mach 6600.
  • Lanny can turn her fists into flames and maximize the heat to stellar temperatures, launching them towards her target as a column of fire at a speed 2 times Mach 6600.
  • By pointing the index and middle fingers of both hands at a target like guns, Lanny can turn her fingertips into flames and start shooting bullets made of fire. At a speed of Mach 14,000, the bullets of fire storms across the land to strike to strike her target.
  • Lanny can clasp both of her hands together, and swing them at a target, hitting her target on a quantum level.

Lanny can mentally launch two hundred long lances made of fire at a target. The lances had the combined effect of simultaneously burning a target on a quantum level, while piercing their body on a mind, body and spiritual level.

  • Lanny can place her index fingers together in a cross shape before launching a cross-shaped column of flames directly at a target at the speed of c. In that same Planck length, she creates many quantum micro fireballs that floated around the target before flying into the target all at once. In that same instant, she also creates a triangular sphere of fire around the area, preventing anyone from entering or leaving it.
  • Lanny can mentally materialize a gigantic fireball resembling the Moon, and hurl it at a target at a speed that traversed space-time to instantly engulf her target. It creates a huge stellar explosion strong enough to cover half of the entire galaxy.

Flame Temporal Manipulation: Lanny can create temporal clones out of flames.

Temporal Manipulation

  • By engulfing a target within fire, the fire blends in within the target, cursing her target's essence. Within 24 hours, the target will burn from the inside out on a temporal, material, immaterial, and mental scale. However, Lanny does not like to wait, so she'll just manipulate time and press forward on the temporal scale to force 24 hours to pass by in an instant.

Dancing Embers: By snapping her finger, Lanny can generate small dancing embers around her body that emits heat similar to the heat generated from the Big Bang Event. Lanny can then pyrokinetically use them to attack like fire-time-bombs at a speed that broke through the infinity barrier. (infinite universal level destroying attack on a quantum scale)

Enhanced Speed: Lanny deliver 100,000,000,000 fiery punches on a quantum level in a mere femtosecond, at minimum. Later on, she is seen exchanging trillions of trillions of distinct punches and kicks in a mere attosecond.

Enhanced Endurance: Lanny can resist having her quantum existence destroyed.


Lanny Knight is not human. She is not supernatural. She is a reality that is levels of degree higher than any reality in the universe. She is an actual tear from an angel. Praé revealed that Lanny was a celestial abstract, when she simply thought that she was simply immaterial.

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