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"He's not worth turning into stone." [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

"He's not worth turning into stone."
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Joker
Physiology Magatama Essence
Height ∀Unreachable
Weight ∀Unreachable
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Emerald
Age ∀<818>Inapplicable
Birth Date ∀Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status ∀Inapplicable
Gender 天Feminine[∀] Principle
Family Skylar Kousenshou (Sister)
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation Teardop
Tier Unknown

Lapis is a Magatama Essence that first appears in Heir to the Stars: Joker. She later appears in Continued Story... as a joining member of the faction Teardrop. Lapis is the sister of the Skylar Kousenshou.

Lapis is one of the most dangerous characters to appear in Heir to the Stars, as her very biological presence converts essence, categories, and modes of existence into stone.


Lapis possesses an allure that is unshaken. Despite her being that of a compassionate, she rarely, openly shows any emotions, always maintaining a calm, seemingly apathetic composure. However, she does not hide the fact she cares for others. Lapis does not hold much reserve for her surroundings, as while she is very much aware of her existence, she doesn't naturally care for those caught in her perimeter. As seen when confronted by Nirvāna, she is not interested in cocky men or men who come off too strong.



Lapis is a Magatama Essence that exists in her own personal, impersonal, and transpersonal realm. She self-created herself long before any Verse came to be, and was a prominent character within the Unwritten Chapters in the War of the Suits.

In Heir to the Stars: Joker, Lapis is introduced searching for a place to rest in serenity, however, she is confronted by Cie' Omega. Cie' Omega questions her on why she isn't doing job, and ignoring her duties. Lapis, however, reserves her right to do as she pleases. The Creator tells her to get back on the road of destiny and take care of the stranger on the planet. After this, Lapis is confronted by Nirvāna, but because of her distaste in his approach, she ignores the stranger, leaving his presence and ignoring the orders of the Creator.

Later, during an Interlude chapter, Lapis meets up with Chris Raion Spades. It was explained here, that Lapis could have easily defeated Nirvāna, but Spades requested that she did not, for that battle was for another. It was also revealed that at one point in the past, Chris Spades has helped out Lapis, so she did not hesitate to return the gratitude. Joker would make his appearance soon after, to much of a disliking from Lapis. Not convinced that he was stronger than Chris Spades, she challenged Joker. The battle ended in a stalemate, however, Lapis commented that Joker was doing his best to hold back.

Lapis (Reborn).jpg

In Continued Story..., Lapis appears as High Tier Mark within the cosmic hierarchy. She requests a personal meeting with The Silver Devil. While fully ignoring the parameters of the fourth wall and surpassing the veracity of the author, she engages with The Silver Devil. Lapis reveals that also she was in her own personal+ realm, she was deemed exiled by the former Creator of Heir to the Stars because of her supraexistence. When the Silver Devil questions her on his presence, she reveals that she's been stalking him for quite some time and wants to join him on his efforts.


Rebellion: Lapis is a High Tier Mark, assigned this class after the petrification of the Suggsverse. Lapis has been charged with the Pure Act of complete petrification of that which encompasses and defines the foundation of every single existential and nonexistential “Verse” of every attribute, category, mode, possibility, potentiality, and theory within and outside of Possibility, Impossibility, Nothingness, and Totality - ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) of all of Fiction, all of Nonfiction, all of Transfiction, all of Fanfiction, all of Metafiction, all of Hyperfiction, all of Patafiction, all Interfiction, all of Personal fiction, all of Impersonal Fiction, all Literacy Genres (encompassing Narrative Causality that we are all stories) and all of ∀Fiction – on every single personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level.

♠The Ace of Spades♠ stated that because Pure Act from Lapis operates before ♠The Ace of Spades♠ can react, Heir to the Stars was completely turned into stone, withering away before anyone could stop it. While ♠The Ace of Spades♠ simply reversed the Pure Act and made it that it never happened, Lapis was exiled into a personal realm in which she would be unable to affect Heir to the Stars.

Powers and Abilities[]

Lapis possesses a very powerful impassable existence / nonexistence / paraexistence -- one that emits waves that turns everything around her presence into stone.

In Heir to the Stars: JOKER Waves of Petrification: The biological modality of Lapis emits waves that turn all material and immaterial substances into stone. The aether of reality itself is unable to escape Lapis’ waves. Everything in the immediate area instantly turns into stone within her presence, and then into nothingness. When she first appears, her waves affect an entire planet (with the scope of the 1st Floor).

The Waves of Imagination: The waves of Lapis can multiply a target's defense values, strength values, and speed values by zero. Said target is turned into stone and completely decays into absolute nothingness.

  • These Waves automatically negate Temporal phenomena acted upon the existence of Lapis.

Quantum Gates: Lapis is able to traverse 30.1 megalight-years in an instant. (To elaborate on this plane's logic; being able to traverse 1 light year in an instant is the equivalent of MetaOmnipresence)

Hydromancy: She is able to create various forms of liquid with her mind.

Materialization: She is able to create from nothing, which was shown when she creates a blanket and a glass cup from nothing.

In Continued Story...

Suggsverse Kagami von Ende Manipulation

Heir to the Stars Petrification: The entirety of Heir to the Stars is completely overwhelmed by the existence of Lapis, so much that she needs to exile herself, or else it will turn into stone and crumble away again.

⎈The JOKER⎈'s Dlclaifsein Cosmogony[]

⎈The JOKER⎈'s Dlclaifsein cosmogony reveals that Lapis is the first and highest aspect of petrification functions, and she is described as "the Speaking Swan, the Dancing Water, or the Singing Apple". This is the Unwritten "above" ♠The Ace of Spades♠, and manifests through the work of the Heir to the Stars. Lapis emanated the Creation and the True Consciousness from its "indeterminate" animation, causing self-reflection of petrification. In other words, Lapis is an uncaused unwritten prelude before the principles that establish structure, patterns, or vitality. She holds the Dynamis, and represents an organization in its reflection of the impassable force or rather...Dynamis.

The very retrocausality and acausality of Lapis creates an equation that supersedes all modes and attributes of the foundation of every single “Verse” of every category, possibility, potentiality, and theory within and outside of Possibility, Impossibility, Nothingness, and Totality - ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) on every single personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level.


  • Lapis is still a virgin, as revealed in Heir to the Stars: JOKER.
  • The Silver Devil is the one that helped Lapis construct her own apersonal realm that would allow her to remain in presence away from the boundaries of Heir to the Stars.