Leonardo LionHeart
Leonardo LionHeart
"I am the End of Hearts. In the end, not even conquest can triumph over my faith."
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest
Physiology Human
Height 5'9
Weight 185 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Unknown
Birth Date August 18th
Status Existing
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation God
Leonardo LionHeart is a character that appears in Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest.


Leonardo LionHeart is introduced in the story, commanded by Adam Conquest to follow him. A rift in nothingness appeared, and Adam Conquest and Leonardo LionHeart walked into the rift to appear within a garden of wild roses under the beautiful Sun. It was here, a battle was about to begin. However, events changed. Leonardo gave him the Horn of Gabriel, but then they were attack. After the attack, a challenge was made. Adam Conquest explained that if Leonardo could not win, he would have no future. He would not have to believe in the concept that there is no God or faith because he would never have existed to begin with. After the battle, Leonardo and Adam parted ways.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Leonardo LionHeart is a strong user of faith, with power that allows him to actually create a real mirrored version of the star that he was born under.

Ende des Himmels: Leonardo delivers an uppercut that absorbs his target's information, and state of existence, erasing the target from existence.

Ende der Holle: With a devastating dropkick, the entire infinite Metaverse with infinite connecting dimensions and timelines were wiped out in an instant from the force of Leonardo’s dropkick.

Lion Hart: Leonardo is able to release a wave of energy that was so immense that it was releasing energy from outside of the universe, outside of space-time, outside of reality, and from the Divine Ground that gave birth to all phenomena, all possibilities, and the infinite Omniverse. It released a wave that shattered the infinite and a neighboring Cardinality of the Continuum.

Enhanced Speed: Leonardo is able to execute a flurry of punches. An exact amount of 7.9 quindecillion punches were shown to be thrown from every single angle, backed with an infinite amount of concentrated force. Later, it was revealed that he is able to move before information, change, and any system of time could begin to advance. He could move with a system of haste outside of the level of presence and change. It is then revealed that he can move at a level beyond the necessity of presence and move beyond the necessity of change.

Enhanced Strength: With the snap of his finger, he annihilated the entirety of the infinite universe.

Enhanced Resistance: His soul and mind are unable to be affected by outside forces.

Absolute Regeneration: When Adam Conquest connected with 616 sextillion slashes with his Claiomh Solais, Leonardo’s very essence broke down into a system that was less than the level of nothingness. Then, he regenerated before the moment could change. When his life, dreams, mind, conscious, soul, and essence were erased, he simply regenerated.

Self-Temporal Dimension: He exists within his own timeline, unable to be affected by temporal phenomena outside of his own barrier.

Empty Presence: He has no aura, and he has no intentions to be read. He is not within the universal time stream, but within a completely different time stream of his own.

Transcendent Reactions: He is able to react before that of an Omnipresent force can.

Reality Manipulation: Leonardo was shown to poke the reality before him, shattering all of reality.

Big Bang Imitation: Leonardo has shown to be able to release a power that was so immense, that it released energy similar to the explosion that gave birth to the universe; the Big Bang.

Telekinesis: Leonardo has shown that he can mentally throw the Sun at his opponent.

Never-ending World: He can encase him and his target within the bounds of another universe. This world is housed with nothing but Suns. Every other material object in the infinite universe was a Sun. The universe itself was ever accelerating and infinitely infinite. If this world is destroyed, annihilated, or erased, it will just re-spawn.

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