Leviathan Stratos
Leviathan Stratos
“I should have realized that all eyes would have been on me from the moment that I made my grand debut.”
Photo Novel Like Yesterday...
Physiology Pataphysical Quantum Uncertainty
Height 6'1
Weight (i)214 lbs
Eye Color Sapphire
Hair Color Black
Age (i)Nth901
Birth Date Self-created
Status Unknown
Gender Spades
Family Ultimately Inapplicable
Love Interests None
Affiliation Versus

Leviathan Stratos "Kingbreaker" is a mid Tier "2nd Floor" character that appears in Like Yesterday....


Leviathan Stratos is the self-proclaimed leader of Versus. His history has been erased. His time has been erased. There is no memory of his existence within any reality, dimension, or plane. However, the last bit of information remaining about him is within an alternate Worldscript, he is solely responsible for the defeat of its Supreme Being, which earned him his eyes.


In Book 4, Leviathan Stratos teams up with Marcella Jada in order to track down the Church of Imperators. The two travel from Delita to Frontier City in search of the members of the church.

In Book, Leviathan is seen standing along the edge of all theories of dimension of an entire Ultimate Ensemble. After capturing one of the Nine Themes of God, he seems to be confused as to its purpose. Soon, he stepped into a reality cube, ending a long-standing war. He was then confronted by Marine dé Rais, a member of the Reunion group of the Church of Monarchs.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Leviathan Stratos possesses the "Kingbreaker Eyes". When his eyes observe phenomena, he removes the phenomena from the story it is within. But at a cost...

In truth, it multiplies the categories of being of the phenomena by a factor of zero, twists the existential fabric around the phenomena, universally irreversibly seals the phenomena within a locked region of unreality, and then allows said locked region remove the phenomena from the union of Nothing and Possibility. This eye negates Narrative Causality, Plot Shields, and Kharma. All it takes is a mere glance.

Kingbreaker Sleeper Hold: Leviathan Stratos encircles his arm around the neck of his target and then grabs his own bicep on the other arm to complete the Sleeper Hold. This Sleeper Hold not only grabs the physical form of a target, but it grabs the mental form, astral form, and multi-dimensional form. The Sleeper Hold is applied beyond the metaphysical and pataphysical level. It even prevents future potentialities and possibilities from manifesting through. The only actuality for the target is to go to sleep, fading into absolute nothingness. Because of the pressure being applied on the target, the Sleeper Hold being applied by Leviathan Stratos multiplies all conceptual defenses and possibilities of offense by absolute zero. The absolute perfection of the target's existence and nonexistence would be denied if the Sleeper Hold’s effect persist.

Kingbreaker Knee Strike: Leviathan Stratos grabs his target by the head, and then delivers a powerful knee strike to the face of the target while bringing the head of his target down. In the unchanging moment that the target is hit in the head with the knee of Leviathan Stratos, the knee attack divides the defense level and resistance level of the target by 0. At the same time, the force of the knee strike removes the target from their own existence and nonexistence, which allows Leviathan Stratos to remove the attributes of: Absolute Existence, Absolute Regeneration, Extrasensory Perception, Higher Consciousness, Immortality, Invisibility, Intangibility, and Invulnerability from the target.

Anti-Meta-Event: This was demonstrated when Mercurius Leo erected a Total Event Collapse, only for Leviathan Stratos to place the event within an Anti-Meta-Event. This completely negated the Total Event Collapse. Earlier in the story, it was shown that the Total Event Collapse targets metaphysically, destroying every other parallel event in conjunction to the one destroyed, effectively annihilating all creation of the event.

Kingbreaker Axe-kick: Leviathan Stratos swings his heel down on his opponent's head like an axe. At the end of possibility and actuality, just as the heel of his shoe connects with the existence and nonexistence of his target, Leviathan Stratos grabs an unknowable essence from beyond the necessity of absolute removal and creates an algorithm to remove the target from their story completely.

Kingbreaker Palm Stroke: Just before his target can “Act,” Leviathan Stratos connects with a palm stroke to their chest, completely de-synchronizing their absolute existence, unmaking the target from their actuality to their potentiality, to complete nothingness.

Afterimage: Leviathan demonstrated this when he was the target of being rearranged on an abstract mathematical and multi-dimensional level, targeting his identity into a category less than absolute nothingness. Leviathan Stratos appeared from beyond the walls of imagination, as his metaphysical afterimage was deconstructed by the effect.

Perception Negation: In Book 4, it was demonstrated that he can see through illusions placed over the walls of Possibility and Nothing. Leviathan Stratos placed his palms on the dimensional fabric of reality, shattering the scene in front of him to appear in his destination.

Suggspresence: Leviathan is able to operate before any moment in metaphysical principle of ‘Change’ and ‘Motion’ can begin...

  • Against another opponent, he demonstrated in an unchanging moment where a total event collapse should have affected him, Leviathan stepped outside of his own existence and nonexistence. His opponent never had a target.
  • Leviathan Stratos later showed that he could step beyond the necessity of Absolute Regeneration and Absolute Restoration, after he had been erased.

Suggsregen: Leviathan Stratos has shown that he can regenerate from his complete singular independent existence and nonexistence being removed from the story. There was no room for a conceptual defense or conceptual escape. Before the absolute perfection of the ‘Pure Act’ of Leviathan Stratos, he never was... However, he was able to completely regenerate.


- This profile only covers Book 4 through 8.

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