Lilah Ambercrest
Lilah Ambercrest
“By the way, my name is Lilah Ambercrest.”
Photo Novel All-World
Physiology Human
Height 5'6
Weight 118 lbs.
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Purple
Age 19
Birth Date March 29th
Status Existing
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Cire Lostsanctum
Lilah Ambercrest appears in the All-World series as one of the main characters. Lilah Ambercrest comes from a very religious family. However, her luck with the world around her has always been met with demise. This is due to her vision. Because of her eyes, the world is a sad place, and it is that way because of her. She disabled her power to see the world in the light, to only see it in the darkness.


Months prior to the story, Lilah received many cybernetic, genetic, and mystical enhancements to her body.

In Book 2, Lilah debuts in the first chapter, revealing to be the one that appeared at the end of Book 1. She saves Enoch from Solomon Princeton and easily defeats him before he escapes. Later, Lilah goes searching for Jason Cain, only for him to find her first. As the two began to battle, although it was an even match at first, Lilah proved to be too much for the Apostle. She forced him to utilize his best offense and defense, only for her to easily defeat him. However, he was able to escape Nonexistence and Oblivion.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

(Book 2)

Enhanced Speed: Solomon Princeton created a new concept of time, completely dwarfing any system of universal time to attack Lilah Ambercrest. However, she quickly adapted to the new time system, and with her elegant movements, she danced all around Solomon Princeton. Lilah was too fast for Solomon to even touch her. Lilah’s movements were too unpredictable and unknowable for Solomon to even reach. Lilah was a wall that simply stood too tall in the presence of Solomon Princeton.

  • Within a fraction of an attosecond, she was shown to be able to traverse over 350,000,000 km.
  • Jason Cain forced a centillion amount of extra-dimensional lightning bolts to strike Lilah down before any system of action or change could process. Elegantly and incredibly, Lilah was able to dodge every single lightning bolt without an ounce of effort, even managing to leave a cut on the face of Jason Cain.
  • Jason Cain physically attacked Lilah at all points around and within her, only for her to do the impossible. Not only did she dodge his attacks that came from outside of time and space, but from within her in all aspects.

Enhanced Regeneration: Jason Cain mentally pulled down 20,000 lightning bolts to traverse time and space to instantly attack Lilah from all angles and all dimensions on the physical, astral, and spiritual level. However, her mind regenerated, her soul regenerated, and her physical being regenerated, all before any system of change or information could process.

  • Through combination of her psychic regeneration and her 11-dimensional quantum regeneration, Lilah Ambercrest can regenerate from nonexistence almost instantly.

Enhanced Durability: There was a moment when Lilah was about to attack Jason, only for him to have already attacked her with an infinite amount of mass and force from a single flick of his finger. She remained unscathed. The Continent behind her however...

Antimatter Generation: Lilah is able to generate a fistful of antimatter.

Space-time Slash: Lilah can use her legs to deliver an attack that slices through time and space onto her target.

Blindfold Removal: If Lilah Ambercrest removes a bit of her blindfold from her left eye, she unveils the Anti-equation. Lilah’s left eye generates an Anti-equation to whatever she sees, thus canceling out the target on a (higher existence) quantum, spiritual, and astral level. This is a conceptual effect that even cancels out barriers.

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