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Lorelei Amidala
“Since I am unable to return to the present, I will take out my current frustrations on you.” LA 0021.jpg

“Since I am unable to return to the present, I will take out my current frustrations on you.”
Photo Novel Pharos of the End
Physiology Rabbit/Cat/Visionary
Height 5'8
Weight 115 lbs.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Ultimately Transcendent
Gender Female
Family Christopher Sincere Pride (Husband),

Sayla Adeniké Suggs (Daughter), Visionary

Love Interests Christopher Sincere Pride
Affiliation Christopher Sincere Pride, Visionary
Tier Unknown

Lorelei Amidala is a Rabbit/Cat/Visionary hybrid from the series Pharos of the End. She is one of the eighteen ultimate soulmates of the main protagonist: Christopher Sincere Pride.


Lorelei Amidala makes her appearance in the second volume of Pharos of the End, introducing herself as the wife of Chris Storm. She grants him the gift of life, reconstructing his genetic make-up and causing it to permanently line up with the space-time continua, including his mind. Because they were married, she wasn't going to allow him to search for The End, when he has not even found value in their beginning. The two are seen at the end of the book at Water Metropolis, merely engaging in sexual passion.

In Pharos of the End (3), Lorelei returns alongside Chris Storm. She aided him on his quest to find Death, but was confronted by Carmen Rogers. Later on, after finding about the Fangs of the Lion, Lorelei was seen sitting on her couch with her girlfriend Mellie Alexandria. In the fourth volume, she appears alongside her girlfriend again, searching for Chris Storm. Soon, she is confronted by Kressida Kendall, of whom the Council had requested to get Lorelei and bring her back to them, for she was Keeper of Genesis. After defeating Kressida, Lorelei found herself back with Mellie near the end of the story.

Lorelei returns in the sixth volume of Pharos of the End, as Chris Storm is returned to her. However, things are definitely not the same as they were before. Soon, in the later volumes, she is confronted by Christopher Sincere Pride, which sets off a chain of memories that were once hidden, and lost revelations become known. After the departure/betrayal of Chris Storm, she sets her sights on making amends with her former memories.

Powers and Abilities[]

Lorelei Amidala is an extremely powerful character within the series. She is the mix of a Rabbit, Cat, and Visionary; possessing all capabilities that comes with being of these actualities.


- Lorelei is a 'Sealed' ultimate unknown unquantifiable uncertainty that was sealed by all four Voyagers because of her overwhelming existence. She only utilizes less than absolute 0 percent of effort and power no matter what for as long as she is sealed.