Madison Knight
Madison Knight is a character that appears in the Guidepost to Tomorrow series. She is member of the New Age Emperors.


Madison Knight is introduced in the first volume as an antagonist of August and Chanaé. Madison Knight is a Reverie who appeared on a mission to gain souls. She was seeking to gain 100 Black souls in order to free herself from her impending fate. By erecting 4 pillars in the cardinal corners of the city, the plan was to take away 1,000,000 souls using these pillars in order to become Kamijous (La persona superiore a Dio).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Speed:  Madison Knight is able to move and react in the attoseconds.

Martial Artist: Madison Knight is very adept in martial arts.

Electricity Manipulation: Madison Knight is able to emit a stream of electricity onto a target, packed by 6 billion volts.

Regeneration: Madison is able to completely regenerate from just a soul.

Radio Waves Manipulation: Madison Knight is able to manipulate Radio Waves, using collective oscillation of charge carriers in plasma oscillations to resonate with the body of a target, disrupting the target's vibrational frequency at tachyon speeds, breaking the target down into mere scattered particles and waves.

Microwave Emission: Through firing Microwaves onto her target, she forces her target's molecular structure to split and deviate, collapsing their molecular structure.

Infrared Waves: Madison Knight is able to fire Infrared Waves, vibrating the molecules within a target, causing the target to collapse into scattered molecules.

- With each attack from Madison Knight, over 8 billion parsecs in radius and diameter was being affected as well.

Accelerating Photon Manipulation: Madison Knight is able to command accelerating photons, all moving at the end of the speed of c, to strike a target, emitting a high energetic (energy levels above ~1032 K) explosion that stretched across 15 parsecs.

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