Marco Pacheco
Marco Pacheco
“In the end, I feel nothing but despair.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest
Physiology Human
Height 6'1
Weight 198 lbs.
Eye Color White
Hair Color Silver
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation God
Marco Pacheco is a character that appears in Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest.


Marco Pacheco first appears in Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest before Shamshir, after the defeat of Lowe Tsuki. It is revealed that Marco comes from an alternate reality that was at the end of time. He regret that he was unable to save it. He explained that he was just too weak. Then he entered another reality, and he was back into the same position. The end of time approaches and he was unsure of what to do. He did not think that he could save it. He was with faith, but he was unsure as to what he should place faith is into. Then, he asked Shamshir if his faith in the Lord misplaced? However, because of Shamshir's answer, Marco and him engaged in a battle was deemed meaningless.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Never-ending World: He can encase him and his target within the bounds of another universe. This world is housed with nothing but Venuses. Every other material object in the infinite universe was a Venus. The universe itself was ever accelerating and infinitely infinite. If this world is destroyed, annihilated, or erased, it will just re-spawn.

  • Every single Venus within the infinitely infinite dimensional space had a diameter of 100,000 light-years.

Detonation: Marco looked at the Venus that was shining brightly above, snapped his finger, causing it explode into oblivion. In fact, with every punch thrown by him, he would cause a Venus to explode.

Infinite Strength: This was shown when Marco punched Shamshir right in the jaw, causing ripples throughout the entirety of the infinite Omniverse.

Meta-Omnipresent: Marco Pacheco is at a level beyond the necessity of Omnipresence. He can completely encompass an omnipresent force.

Indominatble Will: When Marco was Omniversally and completely erased from all known and unknown existence, Marco did not disappear. His will and faith in God allowed him to remain.

Venus Eclipse: The eclipse generated a massive terrain of water all over the planet that Marco wishes. Marco dives into the calm waters and then at before any system of change could process, he flies into space with the energy of the eclipse charging into his body. He flies back down targeting his opponent; and before his opponent can react, in a catastrophic explosion, the fabric of reality itself is annihilated completely.

Venus Trap: An eclipse happens, transporting the target to an empty forest. The forest was a never-ending shifting maze that existed within a locked dimension outside of space-time.

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