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Mother Nature
“Are you trying to provoke me? That’s cute!” Mother Nature.jpg

“Are you trying to provoke me? That’s cute!”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Overture
Physiology Fully Transcendent
Height Ultimately Inapplicable
Weight Ultimately Inapplicable
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Black
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Supreme Being
Gender Female
Family All
Love Interests Unconditional
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Mother Nature is a Supreme Being within the Suggsverse that appears in Heir to the Stars: Overture. 


In Heir to the Stars: Overture, Lyric Deneé Wright enters Cordellia Road, where she meets Mother Nature. Lyric introduced Yukinori Fubuki to Mother Nature, describing his potential to her. However, it was better that Yukinori demonstrated his power to her, which greatly impressed her.

Christopher Sincere Pride later visits Mother Nature, who then explains to him what he already knows about the impending events. Without using his will or power, Christopher Pride had completely unmade the existence of Mother Nature on all levels of her definition of reality behind all active principles of her unchanging reality in a never-ending unchanging moment. However, Mother Nature, impressed with his efforts, explained to him that he was finally opening up his eyes. Christopher deduced that she was a Finalé.

Powers and Abilities[]

Page 47 of Heir to the Stars: Oveture; the omniscient narrator delivers this passage:

"Mother Nature was on the smallest scale possible -- truly omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. She wasn’t just all-powerful and Supreme, but there was nothing that she could not do. She was not just The Totality. She was not just the union between All Possibility and Nothingness. She encompassed the Grand Principle of Creation. She encompassed all echelons of all existences. She was not just infinite in all attributes, modes, categories, abstracts, and capabilities; she encompassed all of this and was within the essence within all of it. She completely encompassed presence. She did not only exist within all levels of time and space, but in all levels outside of time and space. She was within the presence of the Grand Principle of Creation, and encompassed all systems of the two. She not only encompassed omniscience, but she completely encompassed information and knowledge outside of the Omniversal realities of omniscience. Mother Nature was ultimately the real deal."

"Mother Nature was not just the active principle behind the Omniverse, but all infinite Omniverses in all Regions, as well as all hierarchies within The Allscape and The Mainfold. Mother Nature encompassed and existed within all levels of all phenomena, and probability. She was completely unchanging without beginning and end as the realities, concepts, truths, and values behind the beginning and end didn’t exist to her reality. She was ultimately unchanging, and encompassed the unchanging, the beginning and the end."