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Nazan Cadenza
“The first flame can only be ignited through destruction, as the best of humanity can only be seen through the face of the worst.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“The first flame can only be ignited through destruction, as the best of humanity can only be seen through the face of the worst.”
Photo Novel The Church of Necessary Evil,

Dream's Epilogue

Physiology Transcendent Human
Height 6'0
Weight 166 lbs.
Eye Color Inapplicable
Hair Color Jet Black
Age Infinities on top of absolute infinities
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Saint Ritornella of 93 (Wife)
Love Interests Saint Ritornella of 93
Affiliation Apologia Auctoris
Tier Unknown

Nazan Cadenza is a La persona superiore a Dio that appears in The Church of Necessary Evil as one of the main characters.


Nazan Cadenza is the first character introduced within the story, talking with fellow member La Regina della Tempesta about various definitions of good and evil. While the two discussed the role and purpose of humanity, it was revealed that Nazan Cadenza was the newest member of the Church, but yet he had grasped a vast amount of knowledge despite his youth.

Powers and Abilities[]

Nazan Cadenza is an extremely power being, being able to blink away 616 centillion infinite Multiverses in the very first chapter. At the same, he nonchalantly snapped his finger, completely unmaking the existence of an infinite amount of sets of levels that each contained infinite Multiverses, each composed of infinite universes, as well as many other infinities of various realities, dimensions, realms, and planes of existence.

Creation: Nazan Cadenza instantly created and recreated an infinite amount of levels infinities. An infinite amount of them at once were constantly and simultaneously being created. In that same chapter, Nazan Cadenza opened up his palm, generating an entire orb of stardust within it. The entirety of all possibilities, and every universe ever mentioned or seen (and an infinite amount never mentioned or seen) was within that orb of stardust alone.

Whistle: In this first chapter, Nazan Cadenza started to whistle, whistling a note at a frequency that countered the very principle of highest level of infinity’s own vibrational frequency, shattering the essence of the union of the Nothing and All Possibility.

Destruction: Nazan eliminated a greater Infinity, which possessed an infinite amount of sets, subsets, and supersets of infinities; not to mention the union of the Nothing and All Possibility – all modes of possibilities that are actualized.

Mental Representation: Nazan Cadenza can project a mental, yet immaterial representation of his existence into Infinity. This existence can act as an envoy for himself. This mental representation is extremely powerful, as the forces of the Omniverse that represented balance gathered the forces of good from all possibilities and actualities in order to defeat him. However, because of the mentalities from the forces of good, a chain-reaction happed that turned all of his opponent’s attacks and willpower, back to the state of “zero”. All “supposed” actions created by all of the forces were reset back to point zero. Nazan Cadenza (mental representation) turned all possibilities, actualities and phenomena back to the state of zero, completely erasing everything that was, is, and ever could be.