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Nebuchadnezzar Pride
“That just means that I haven’t gone far enough.” Nebuchadnezzar Pride (2).jpg

“That just means that I haven’t gone far enough.”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Quantum Irregularity
Height 5'3, Inapplicable
Weight 123 lbs, Inapplicable
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color None
Age 8, Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Existent and Nonexistent
Gender Male
Family Harmonia (Mother),

Christopher Sincere Pride (Father),

Hope Vanity (Cousin),

Novénta von d'Este (Brother),

Aaliyah Cecillia Pride (Sister),

Sayla Adeniké Suggs (Sister)

Love Interests None
Affiliation Uniform II
Tier Unknown

Nebuchadnezzar Pride is the son of Christopher Sincere Pride and Harmonia that first appears in the series Solecism. Nebuchadnezzar is a member of Uniform II.


Nebuchadnezzar Pride makes his first appearance as the main character of the first volume of Solecism II.

10 years have passed since Sincere and Lamont fell asleep, completely becoming unreachable. The year is 9426 A.A. (After Advent) in the Rainbow Memories Calendar. Sincere and Lamont are outside of all modes of existences and all modes of nonexistence. Nebuchadnezzar and Hope decided to search for their fathers against all warnings.

Powers and Abilities[]

Enhanced Senses: Nebuchadnezzar could hear clapping from mega-light years away.

Rejection of Events: Nebuchadnezzar can consciously and unconsciously reverse and reject phenomena and events. His first major showing was rejecting and reversing the event of an explosion meant to annihilate a Galaxy. Later, when Throne Thunderking quantum jumped through the 11 Dimensions, slashing through Hope and Nebuchadnezzar before the metaphysical concept of action or change could process, Nebuchadnezzar rejected and reversed the event to their starting point before Throne could ever connect. In fact, this can negate his own death or annihilation. Nebuchadnezzar was able to reject an event and multiply the existence of a being that existed outside all energy, all matter, all universes, and all states of existence and nonexistence, yet encompassed all transfinite numbers.

Quantum Jumping: Nebuchadnezzar can ignore the distance between space and quantum jump to any desired location with a thought.

Multiplication: With a thought, Nebuchadnezzar can multiply the essence and form of a target by 0, absolutely erasing their entire quantum existence.

Phenomena Transcendence: He is able to step behind the walls of phenomena.

Ultimate Presence: During an event in volume II, he started to walk up the stairs, but little did he know, each step was an infinity that transcended the transfinite numbers. Systematically, he was crossing an absolute (completed) infinity as if each step was relative to him.

Truth Manipulation: He is able to take Absolute Truths and collapse them with his will. He manipulated Truth in order to insert a possibility in a worldscape where it did not exist. Crown - The Five-Ring King even commented that Nebuchadnezzar's power exists outside of levels of creation, and into something greater.

Absolutism and (Metaphysics) Probability Manipulation: During the battle with Ricardo Whitedove, it was revealed that Nebuchadnezzar's true power was commandment over Absolutism and (Metaphysics) Probability. As Nebuchadnezzar commanded possibility and actuality, Nebuchadnezzar became ‘I AM.’ Nebuchadnezzar existed in the past. Nebuchadnezzar existed in the present. Nebuchadnezzar came from all points of the future. Nebuchadnezzar controlled the omni-dimensional continuum. Nebuchadnezzar existed within opposing possibilities. Nebuchadnezzar existed with absolutely no possibility. Nebuchadnezzar was just... Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar existed and did not exist in the same frame.