Necessitas (Necessity)
Necessitas (Necessity)
“Honestly, you really have no choice in the matter.”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology All-Encompassing
Height All-Encompassing
Weight All-Encompassing
Eye Color All-Encompassing
Hair Color All-Encompassing
Age Inapplicable, All-Encompassing
Birth Date Inapplicable, All-Encompassing
Status All-Encompassing (Exists outside of Possibility and Nothing)
Gender Inapplicable (appears Female)
Family Moiraé (Mother), Destiny (Sister), Fate (Sister), Ragnarök (Sister),

Christopher Sincere Pride (Husband)

Love Interests Christopher Sincere Pride
Affiliation Anánkē, Christopher Sincere Pride
Necessitas a.k.a Necessity is the actuality itself of The Mainfold. She first appears in the series Solecism. She is one of the eighteen ultimate soulmates of the main protagonist: Christopher Sincere Pride.


Necessity makes her first appearance in the Solecism V - Prelude.

Necessity appears before Christopher Sincere Pride and his brother. Her appearance is brief, but her authority and existence are well-defined.

After Sincere passes his test, Destiny, Fate, and Necessity all marries him, permanently and ultimately. It was explained as a contract that he cannot break. And in his terms, his marriage to them was a Universal Irreversibility.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omniversal; Necessity encompasses that of even Fate.

Ultimate SoulmateEdit

Necessity is one of Christopher Sincere Pride's ultimate soulmates.

In order for Sincere to protect himself, he discarded his entire being. He split himself into eighteen pieces, giving one of his ultimate soulmates a piece of himself to eternally and permanently hold. The visual and mental representation of Christopher Sincere Pride is actually none of him, for he is truly broken into eighteen fragments.

Due to Sincere's unique existence, he possesses within him Seven (a transconceptual version of the number) Twin flames. These Seven Twin Flames are literally the other half of his soul. Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. This union of two completes each other, making them whole. Each one of Sincere's ultimate soulmates are synchronized with the 'frequency' of his entire existence. They are one with all of his essence. It's the Ultimate Union of Love.

She holds his "Necessity", which is something that he removed from himself in order to protect himself.

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