Nenshonori Hiarashi
Nenshonori Hiarashi
“I was just passing by…”
Photo Novel Dynamis
Physiology Unknown
Height 6'1
Weight 191 lbs.
Eye Color Pale
Hair Color White
Age 296
Birth Date Unknown
Status Existing
Gender Male
Family Yukinori Fubuki (Brother),

Mirikka Fubuki (Sister)

Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Nenshonori Hiarashi is a character appears in Heir to the Stars series: Dynamis. He is the younger brother of the main protagonist, Yukinori Fubuki. He is also the older brother of their sister, Mirikka Fubuki.


Nenshonori Hiarashi hails from a land of ice near the end of the universe.

Nenshonori Hiarashi first appears as an observer during the battle between Yukinori Fubuki and the Jade Emperor. Due to his brother's inability to win, Nenshonori stepped in to easily dispatch of his brother's foe.

Nenshonori Hiarashi appears again later on, after the battle between his brother and Mors Certissima. Yukinori explained to Nenshonori the situation and what had happened. When Yukinori finished explaining everything, Nenshonori struck his elder brother with a vicious punch to the jaw. The punch from Nenshonori completely shook the planet, and the vibrations from his punch dissipated the Moon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In contrast to his brother, Nenshonori Hiarashi is a master of Pyrokinesis.

Hinomi (Fire Tower): Hinomi is a tower of fire that encases a target, erasing all matter, time, space, energy, power, thoughts, and information within it at once. The heat of the flames are at the Planck Temperature. He was able to easily defeat the Jade Emperor with this technique.

Nenshonori is able to open up his palm to reveal the combining results of the nuclei of small atoms to form the nuclei of larger ones, with a resulting release of large quantities of energy; the process that makes the Sun shine and a hydrogen bomb explode.

Saidainetsu (Maximum heat): Nenshonori is able to showered the area with rain of fire. The rain of fire traversed space-time to attack a target instantly at the same time he creates the attack, canceling out his target from existence.

Zen hoi-Hiyajirushi (Omni fire arrow): An incalculable amount of arrow shaped fires traverse space-time to instantly attack his target omni-directionally.

Kurohonoo (Black flame): A black flame that was not elemental, supernatural, divine nor magical ignites from within his target, burning the target down instantly on a quantum level.

Nensho Tamashi (Burning soul): If his soul is targeted, his soul will become guarded while the one who targeted his soul gets their soul scorched into nothingness. It’s like a reflecting mirror.

Shukka (Outbreak of fire): If his mind is targeted, his mind is guarded while the one who targeted his mind gets their mind scorched into nothingness.

Hinomoto (Origin of fire): A white fire strikes his target on a quantum level from the point of their birth, thus erasing the target from the past, present, and future.

Shagekikinshichiiki (No fire area): Nenshonori creates an empty flame which erases all of the space that his target occupies.

Hibashira (Pillar of fire): Nenshonori can create a pillar of fire to encase his target, erasing the target from existence.

Enhanced Speed: Just as an attosecond started to process, Nenshonori and his brother had traversed googolplexes of googolplexes of Galaxies within the infinite universe, fighting with everything that they had. His speed rivals that of Yukinori Fubuki.

Enhanced Reactions: His Reactions are on the same level of Yukinori Fubuki.

Temporal Immunity: His Temporal Immunity is on the same level of Yukinori Fubuki.

Enhanced Strength: His Strength is on the same level of Yukinori Fubuki.

Absolute Regeneration: His Regeneration is on the same level of Yukinori Fubuki.

Self Mastery: His Self Mastery is on the same level of Yukinori Fubuki.

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