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Nicholas Pageking
“I’ve grown too impatient with his insolence.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“I’ve grown too impatient with his insolence.”
Photo Novel All-World
Physiology Logos
Height 6'3 (appears)
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Black
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Nicholas Pageking is a character that appears in the All-World series.


In Book 1, Nicholas Pageking appears before Cire Lostsanctum and Enoch after the defeat of Valentine Sin. However, Valentine Sin regenerates and the two join forces to take down Cire. The two waste no time in going all out, merging with Universal Concepts in order to overkill Cire. However, because of his unconscious ability to command Miracles, Cire is unaffected by their will or power. Eventually, after the universe is restored, Cire defeats both of them, erasing them from existence.

Powers and Abilities


Hypersonic Vibrations: By mentally using hypersonic vibrations, Nicholas Pageking can cause the very atomic structure of an entire city to shatter and crumble.

Big Bang Equation: He is able to manipulate the energy waves of the Big Bang equation to merge into the concept of Nihility.

  • Omnipresent: He becomes the property of being present everywhere. He becomes present in every location in space and time. He becomes an unbounded presence. In the story, he was literally everywhere at once, that is, at every point in space during a given instant.
  • White Void: Nicholas Pageking mentally pulled the entire universe into a white void.
  • Antimatter Manipulation: Nicholas Pageking manipulated the universe, converting half of it into antimatter, causing a chain-reaction that annihilated the entire universe.
  • Creation: Nicholas Pageking created a new infinite universe by force of will.
  • Nothingness Manipulation: By force of will, Nicholas Pageking pulled the entire infinite Multiverse into void.