“So you’re my opponent, eh?”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Joker
Physiology Swan Sword
Height Inapplicable
Weight Inapplicable
Eye Color Inapplicable
Hair Color Inapplicable
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Buddha
Nirvāna is a Swan Sword that first appears in Heir to the Stars: Joker.


Buddha wanted to place his throne higher than the Heavens and rule over Tentei and all of Tentei’s creation. Lyric Sonata gathered her Kaisers and opposed him. In a war that lasted a time frame beyond the infinite scope, Buddha and his army was defeated and cast out of all levels of existences. Nirvāna was granted with authority over all souls and minds by Buddha. The infinite Omniverse was under his orders. Because he became more obsessed with condemning all beings instead of giving them joy before death, Lyric Sonata wanted him punished. Nirvāna became furious with her decision, and erased all of the minds and souls within an infinite amount of infinite Omniverses at the same time before an instant could process. During the war, Lyric Sonata had her army cast Nirvāna down into a frozen inferno for all of eternity.

In Heir to the Stars: Joker, Nirvāna makes his first appearance on an unknown planet, appearing before Lapis. However, the moment was only brief. He is later seen confronting Joker, only to be easily defeated by him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nirvāna is the conceptual being of "harmony before extinction". Nirvāna is an Omnipresent (the term is being used lightly here) force. He is as Omnipresent as The All.

Pataphysics Author Authority


Interaction Manipulation



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