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Novénta von d'Este
"Why was matriarch so upset with you?” Novénta von d'Este (Boyhood).jpg

"Why was matriarch so upset with you?”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Pataphysical Uncertainty
Height 4'5
Weight 60 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color None
Age (Paradoxical) 2
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Christopher Sincere Pride (Father),

Adel Hart (Mother),

Lenalia Pride (Sister),

Telestria (Sister)

Sarathina (Sister)

Aaliyah Cecillia Pride (Sister),

Nebuchadnezzar Pride (Brother),

Sayla Adeniké Suggs (Sister)

Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Novénta von d'Este is the son of Christopher Sincere Pride and Adel Hart that first appears in the series Solecism.


Novénta von d'Este makes his first appearance in the fourth volume of the Outer Roads (Solecism III).

Due to a massive fluctuation that traversed the Grand Principle of Creation, the harmony of Universals had been placed out of order, and all Universals… had fallen asleep. Sincere took his son with him to fix the problem. Although it was merely supposed to be some bonding time for them, Sincere had other plans.

Powers and Abilities[]

Pattern Manipulation/Patternmancy: Novénta von d’Este has the meta-omnipotent ability to analyze, and pick up on, underlying patterns in Creation. He can reconfigure and command patterns ultimately, for even the Grand Principle of Creation, the First Principle, and The End are simply made up of patterns. He demonstrated that he can even unmake events on the level of THE ALL through the manipulation patterns.

It was explained in the story that a pattern has integrity independent of the intermediate by quality of which you have received the information that it exists. A single template, tile, or cell, is combined with duplicates without change or modification, forming a pattern. Each of the metaphysical elements is pattern integrities. Each individual represents a pattern. Each vibration is a pattern. The state of nothing is a pattern. The state of All Possibility is a pattern. Being is a pattern. Infinity is a pattern. Balance is a pattern. Existence and nonexistence are patterns. Even the idea of being Complete, Perfect, or Absolute is a pattern.