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“You liar! You are on my side because I said so.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“You liar! You are on my side because I said so.”
Photo Novel All-World
Physiology Scientifically engineered pseudo angel (Unquantifiable)
Height 4’4
Weight 70 lbs.
Eye Color White
Hair Color Pink
Age 7
Birth Date December 25th
Birth Place Unknown
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Paradox-616∞ is a character that first appears in the series: All-World.


Paradox-616∞ makes her first appearance in Endless Waltz 3 of All-World (Book 4).

In her introduction, she confronts Virgil Northslain, asking him for help. However, the protagonist has no idea of what she means. This throws her into a destruction frenzy. After her senseless destruction and annihilation, it revealed that her very existence is beyond power-tiers. She has as much power as she wants because she had exceeded a perfect infinite amount of power. In fact, she is beyond the necessity of it. It doesn’t matter how many universes she destroys or what the powerset of others are. Her ability is literally ‘I’m always better than you because I am always more you than yourself.’ She is more Omniverse than what the Omniverse is. She is more infinite than what the infinite is. She is more All than what The All is.

Powers and Abilities[]

(Book 4) Paradox-616∞ is a scientifically engineered pseudo angel that is an engine of destruction and annihilation. In her chapter, she perfectly and flawlessly showed that beings that were fully omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient posed no challenge to her.

Anti-ALL Barrier: It is a barrier that completely negates and disperses an existence that targets her. Her wings also prevents conceptual regeneration for said target.

Meta-Evolution: Paradox-616∞ demonstrated her ability of rapid constant evolution and adaptation, completely altering the reality of Virgil into nihility just by him being near her in an infinite amount of distance. Along with Virgil, everything else fell into nihility. When this happened, the entirety of the level of The All that was above THE ALL was in critical danger, increasingly falling into a level of nihility below its principle.

Cosmic Manipulation: In her first act, Paradox-616∞ manipulated the very foundations of the infinite Metaverse, completely using her energy manipulation to deny the infinite Metaverse from ever existing.

Energy Projection: She used her energy projection to unleash a wave of energy that completely converted another infinite Metaverse into nihility.

Energy Mastery: Her control of energy allowed her to exceed electromagnetic energy, mental energy, divine energy, transdimensional energy, conceptual energy and all alternate forms such as magic. She demonstrated this by appearing in all points of time and space within 10 different infinite Metaverses, annihilating all of them into never existing at all with various forms of energy. She was even able to tap into the Omniverse’s manifestation of a higher plane of existence’s energy, using it to annihilate an entire neighboring Zettaverse.

Matter Manipulation: Paradox-616∞ demonstrated her matter manipulation by completely reconstructing the matter of the neighboring infinite Multiverse into stardust, then into perfect nothingness.

Deconstruction: Paradox-616∞ demonstrated her deconstruction abilities by deconstructing all matter within a neighboring infinite Zettaverse completely without a single bit of effort.

Quantum Manipulation: She manipulated the Quantum Field to erase an in infinite amount of sets of Zettaverses without any effort at all.

Temporal Mastery: She demonstrated her temporal abilities by stopping all of time completely in one infinite Exaverse, altering the entirety of all timelines within another infinite Exaverse, reversing the entirety of time within another infinite Exaverse and even creating an entire set of time streams within her own newly created infinite Zettaverse. However, that was right before she used her temporal force-field to reset all of it into nihility.

Dimension Manipulation: She teleported infinite Zettaverses and higher levels of realities to different time periods and alternate levels of existence. On the smallest scale, she teleported entire infinite Zettaverses into other hierarchies, or locked them completely outside of the bounds of reality.

Omniversal Manipulation: Paradox-616∞ eliminated several Omniversal aspects, and even Omniversal concepts. All abstracts and phenomena were erased, and then recreated by her will. In fact, she started creating her own phenomena and abstracts. Life, death, and even The All was completely erased throughout the continuum of the Omniverse, only for her to completely create it entirely from scratch… Just because she could… She expanded the infinitude of the infinite Omniverse, creating even higher levels of realities, planes, dimension, existences, and nonexistence.

Transcendence: Paradox-616∞ entered and left different planes of existence and dimensions at will, annihilating all that existed without any sheer force of will at all. At one point, she stopped and completely entered all different planes of existence and dimensions at the same time to end it all in one fell swoop.

Soul Manipulation: Paradox-616∞ demonstrated her abilities of the manipulation of the soul. Soul manipulation was extremely easy for her as she manipulated the entirety of everything within an infinite Zettaverse that had a soul, forcing them to do as she pleased. She forced them all to kill themselves. For stronger beings, she forced them to annihilate themselves.

Telepathy: Just to toy around with a few Omniversal leveled beings, she demonstrated her use of telepathy, and telekinesis (offensive, defensive, and passively) to completely use psychic backlashes to annihilate infinite Zettaverses. After that, The All fell prey to her telekinesis.

Telekinesis: See above.

Absolute Regeneration: Paradox-616∞ did the unthinkable and perfectly omniversally irreversibly erased her own existence completely, only to instantly regenerate happily.

Memory Regeneration: Paradox-616∞ perfectly erased herself once again, but regenerated though someone else's memory that was never even aware of her existence to begin with. “See! I can survive as a memory in someone's mind, thus reforming myself. Even if they never seen me before, there is a possibility that they could, thus my effect still works! Isn’t that so cool?” Paradox-616∞

Absolute Existence: Paradox-616∞ destroyed her mind, body, and soul at the same time as well as in all levels of dimensions, planes, realities, and hierarchies of existence. She stood perfectly fine in front of the presence of Virgil Northslain.

Nothingness Manipulation: Paradox-616∞ erased an entire neighboring Omniverse from existence and then restored it completely, only to annihilate it without any sheer force of will.

Meta-Cosmic Senses: Paradox-616∞ could sense a gathering of forces from across neighboring Omniverses that were plotting to stop her, so she erased all of them completely for merely thinking of the ideas.

Illusion Mastery: Paradox-616∞ casted illusions onto all planes of existence within a never-ending expanse of neighboring Omniverses, placing everything that existed within those realities to simply experience a never-ending dream for an eternity. (She then manipulated the time stream of the Omniverses to fast forward to a vanishing point, ending those existences completely.)