Pataphysics is the ultimate reality beyond metaphysics. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy attributed with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world. Metaphysics challenges to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:

"What is there?"

"What is it like?"

Pataphysics is the higher branch of a greater philosophy or undefinable science that studies a higher degree of phenomena beyond the realm of metaphysics; the science of solutions beyond All, The All, and THE ALL.


Pataphysics, originally a term coined by the French writer Alfred Jarry, is a philosophy dedicated to studying what lies beyond the realm of metaphysics. A practitioner of 'pataphysics is a 'pataphysician or a 'pataphysicist.

The word pataphysics is a contracted formation, derived from the Greek, ἔπι (μετὰ τὰ φυσικά) (epi meta ta physika); this phrase or expression means "that which is above metaphysics", and is itself a sly variation on the title of Aristotle's Metaphysics, which in Greek is "τὰ μετὰ τὰ φυσικά" (ta meta ta physika).


Pataphysics is the higher philosophy of a metapotence of that which is the basis of metaphysics, and supersedes it, existing within and beyond the limitations of metaphysics, extending far beyond metaphysics as well as the categories that rest beyond the hierarchy physics that branch beyond Possibility, Totality and Nothingness. Pataphysics is above All, The All, and THE ALL – transcending the meta-science of particulars. Pataphysics is where the laws, modes, attributes, concepts, and definitions are defined.

Pataphysics dominantly explains that which is beyond the ineffable, the unknown and the unknowable, transcending metaphysical and metapotence laws and boundaries. At minimum, it answers imaginary solutions. The higher philosophy of Pataphysics is so ethereal that it does not have an indisputable definition that passes simply from one state of apparent definition to another. It is beyond categories of truth, reality, All, The All, and THE ALL.

To elaborate further, Pataphysics supersedes the science of the rules governing the general recurrence of all theories of dimension, causality, Acausality, and continua.  

Pataphysical Zenith

Pataphysics is that which influences the definitions of Omnipotence (See, omni-potence, has two concepts: All/Everything/Absolute Infinite -  Power/Authority/Capacity-to-Act ), therefore, while “Omni” variants including Omnipotence can "transcend" to this zenith, by default, Omnipotence, which is an apex itself, under the logic of Pataphyiscs, is lower, because Omnipotence is a product of metaphysics.

Think of every Cosmics Character in every form of everything ranging from all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction. Every Cosmic in every form of existence and nonexistence ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) in possibility, uncertainty, and actuality are characters that personify and/or conform to the Metaphysical Rules in the same way mortals and metaspecies, etc. exemplify and/or observe the Physical Rules of their Universe. Characters can rise beyond their limits, and thus, they enter into a Metaphysical Zone in which they see the categories in which their powers are defined and in which limits are defined.

It should be established that there is an impassable point at which a character either reaches or already is (and always has been and always will be) "Omnipotent" by "Metaphysical standards.” Saying this creates the red door that opens up establishing that it should also be established that said character without limitations possesses "limitations" that are not attributed on an abstract level. In other words, Omnipotence on this level creates a playing field in which you have an Ant versus an Ant, while those under this level are subjugated by this all-encompassing impassable apex. Those on the level of Pataphyiscs equate the level of Omnipotence to how we perceive Ants in this lower dimensional realm.

Pataphysics escapes all attributes and modes of Possibility, Totality and Nothingness, rejecting not only the former and hierarchy of Metaphysics, but the grand principles of creation. It is the denial of All, The All, and THE ALL pushed to the ultimate level. Pataphysics defines ultimate level of reality, far beyond the unknown, unknowable and unwritten origin of all definitions.

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