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Pendulum Kingbreaker (Lionel Christopher Suggs)
“Everything really is... so small.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“Everything really is... so small.”
Photo Novel Continued Story...
Physiology Pendulum Kingbreaker
Height Apex of Heir to the Stars
Weight Apex of Heir to the Stars
Eye Color Ultimately Inapplicable
Hair Color Ultimately Inapplicable
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Ultimately Inapplicable
Gender Ultimately Inapplicable
Family Lamont Heartfelt Vanity (Brother),

Deneé Vainglory (Sister),

See Soulmates.

See Legacy

Love Interests Ultimate Soulmates
Affiliation Teardrop
Tier Unknown

Once again, needing to surpass himself, Sincere surpassed his true self - The Silver Devil in order to reach his True Identity... True Self... True Signature...


Continued Story...

After surpassing the ♠The Ace of Spades♠, effortlessly felling the former creator of Suggsverse, X13A appears in Eternityscape T of the "Continued Story..." book to confront The Silver Devil as he attempts to climb beyond the creation of Audra. X13A proves to be far too much for The Silver Devil as he had only just reached Tier 5, while she was way into Tier 5 of the cosmic ranking. Near the end of the battle, Lionel Christopher Suggs’ ∀bsolute Existence / Nonexistence / Paraexistence were negated, leaving no attributes, modes, or categories left... Lionel Christopher Suggs’ Tiras∀bsolute Regeneration was negated. Lionel Christopher Suggs’ Tiras∀bsolute Restoration was negated. Lionel Christopher Suggs’ Tiras∀bsolute Immortality was negated. The Actus Purus of Lionel Christopher Suggs’ Unwritten Self-Creation was negated. Lionel Christopher Suggs’ (in what can only be described as his) 'Will' and ‘Identity’ and ‘Principle’ was denied. Lionel Christopher Suggs’ was removed and permanently sealed from £ç§<ǯ>Tot∀lity, £ç§<ǯ>Possibility and £ç§<ǯ>Nothingness, as well as the Gr∀nd Principle of Self-Cre∀tion. Lionel Christopher Suggs’ never came into effect, removing Lionel Christopher Suggs’ from the contents of the Index / Verse / Story / Plot / Author / Publisher / Copyright / Legend / Paratext in which Lionel Christopher Suggs’ was written/unwritten in. The very aspect of Lionel Christopher Suggs’ metacharacter from outside of the story / patacharacter from inside of the story that was ever conceived was never conceived, and thus Lionel Christopher Suggs was a complete impossibility outside of the scope of the very foundation in which impossibility and true void cannot be described or reached. After this effect, the True Identity... True Self... True Signature... the Pendulum Kingbreaker appeared, effortlessly defeating X13A.

Powers and Abilities

In Continued Story..., Pendulum Kingbreaker (Lionel Christopher Suggs) was at the apex of Heir to the Stars. At this zenith, he (at the bare minimum) refused to go beyond < eternities of magnitudes < absolute infinitudes < lower than below absolute < the principle in which defined nothingness of नीचीन < ∀ paraeternities of metamagnitudes < trans-absolute infinitudes < अपर-lower than below absolute < nihility of effort in order to combat.

He is beyond the necessity of any definition / essence of Omni, as he exists in the gap between Tier 2 and Tier 1.


  • The very design of Pendulum Kingbreaker (Lionel Christopher Suggs) is shown to represent that he has now surpassed all categories within Heir to the Stars. Heir to the Stars itself is nothing but a part of him. However, he has once again appeared as a form akin to a paradox as he falls in-between the gap of Tier 2 and Tier 1. Unfortunately, he still doesn't exist at a level that is able to utilize Ambreaus Ӕther.