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Pharos of the End is a series of short stories, with events taking place after the events of Solecism. This title was written and published in 2013 by Lionel Suggs.

Pharos of the End (Content Page)


"The End of the Storm gives birth a Returning Daydream..."

What is The End? What defines the absolute end of all possibility? Some would describe The End as the final destination point; the metaphysical vanishing point that concludes all configurations of possibility.

The year is A-0008 - Endscape. The century is Epilogue. After the end of the Genesis Storm, the world was left in the hands of the Swan Song. As the final aria started to play, the Victory Generals appeared to re-open the Returning Daydream. The End has become the Genesis, opening up the doorway to raptured memories. 

The Story (spoilers)[]

To be written...