Prinise the Soul
Prinese Soul
“I apologize for my sisters. You see, they are very lazy and impolite. They haven’t always been like this though.”
Photo Novel All-World
Physiology Metahuman
Height 5'4
Weight 109 lbs.
Eye Color Pale
Hair Color White
Age 89,019
Birth Date Unknown
Status Erased
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation The Apostles
Prinise the Soul is a character that appears in the All-World series as one of the main antagonists. Prinise the Soul is an Apostle (The Ministry section).


In Book 3, Prinise the Soul debuts in All-Embracing V, kidnapping Enoch along with the other members of The Ministry. However, Enoch was not going to simple stand still. After her sisters proved to be ineffective against Enoch, Prinise the Soul stepped in to do what her sisters could not. Prinise the Soul effortlessly defeated Enoch. However, just before the finishing blow could be done, Dominus the Shaman appeared to dismiss them.

Powers and Abilities

(Book 3)

Prinise the Soul, just like her sisters, utilize Occult magic in combat. She acquired this power by turning her back on the religions of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Because of her studies in Occultism, she has acquired extensive knowledge and training in alchemy, and extra-sensory perception. Her special power would be the use of Lithomancy.

Lithomancy: Through studying and mastering Luciferianism, she uses sixteen gemstones that consist of eight Planet Gems (Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), one Moon Gem, a Star Gem (Sun) and six Personal Stones (Place, Life, Love, Luck, Magic or Time, and Commitments) that allows her to use cosmic power.

  • By reflecting the light off of Venus with her gem (and resonating the light itself with the existence of Love), she transcended the aspects of Enoch’s barrier (which can perfectly endure a Big Bang Event that completely annihilated the entirety of the infinite Metaverse that housed an uncountably infinite amount of infinite universes with different sets of laws and physics), reaching the End of Infinity, breaking the Absolute Infinite. It was commented that her powers must be extremely effective due to her ability to ‘see’ the relationships between the gems and interpret the flow of energies, and the timing and sequence of events, people, experiences, possibilities, and situations that will come into play. The gems are clearly only the medium. The message lies therein. She can see the End of Infinity.

Mind Reading: Her level of telepathy is so extreme that it can bypass infinite Metaversal barriers that negates mental phenomena.

Enhanced Speed: The very moment that Prinise released Enoch, she instantly teleported Prinise the Soul into the heart of the Sun. Within a span of 0.01 attoseconds, she had escaped the core of the Sun unscathed and unaffected by its heat, reaching the island to face Enoch.

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