Prodigy Cheetah
Prodigy Cheetah
“You flinched…”
Photo Novel Swan Song
Physiology Unknown
Height 6'1
Weight 171 lbs.
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Cherry Blonde
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Gurētokyatto (Brothers)
Love Interests None
Affiliation Gurētokyatto

Prodigy is a Gurētokyatto that appears in the title Swan Song. He is one of the six main characters that follows the little ebony cat into the unknown.


Prodigy is first introduced in an alternative reality, when he encountered the little ebony cat. Soon, he encounters Fervent, who deems him unfit to exist. However, this is her perception towards everything. After defeating Fervent, just as she had erased the Omniverse, the little ebony cat appeared, returning it back to the way it was before.

Later on, The Little Ebony Cat led Prodigy to The Clock Tower in order to retrieve the Book of the Moon from Javelin.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Prodigy has manipulation over Ultraviolet Light Rays, and Speed (his definition of it at least). Through this combination, he is an extremely dreadful opponent.

- Enhanced Speed: In his encounter with Fervent, he attacked with a centillion on top of centillion amount of punches in a single attosecond. When infinite universe in its entirety completely collapses into null, along with all metaphysical transfinite adjacent quantum configurations of it, Prodigy was able to use sheer speed to escape its collapse. Fervent explained that with his speed, he can run beyond all logic and escape the very function of presence itself. During his battle against Fervent, when everything was coming to an end, he could be seen transcending all levels of dimensions and planes by mere speed. As matter and energy were being annihilated, he was transcending it all. As the immaterial (astral, mental, spiritual, and conceptual) planes were being returned to 0 all at once in an instant, he was just too fast to be caught in its rejection. Prodigy was literally hitting an opponent on centillions of different levels of existence at once. He was even attacking the opponent on centillions of separate planes of reality.

- Absolute Resistance | Immortality: When Javelin absorbed the entire Omniverse into herself - thereby eradicating everything in existence and nonexistence instantly, except her, Prodigy also remained unaffected.

- Ultraviolet Light Rays

- Algorithm: Prodigy can create an equation in his head that allows him to determine the very algorithm to a character. By using his speed to escape the grip of existence in the widest view, he can unleash a barrage of ultraviolet light rays onto the target, completely targeting their Algorithm. After this, the target never existed.

- End of Infinity: By altering the infinite scope of presence phenomena--even those with probabilities as low as 0, Prodigy can channel energy from the infinite universes, infinite Many-worlds interpretations, infinite M-theories, infinite parallel universes, infinite alternate timelines, infinite quantum universes, infinite pocket universes, infinite dimensions, infinite realities, infinite planes of existence, infinite Multiverses, infinite Metaverses, infinite Exaverses, and infinite Zettaverses; thus generating the End of Infinity Effect. The End of Infinity Effect appeared to be simply a sphere of infrared light, but it was connected with all trans-concepts. It was outside of the trans-abstract itself. When Prodidy unleashed the End of Infinity Effect onto his target, it ignited an attack to attack with the different laws of physics, probabilities, and effects of all infinitely infinite ensemble of realities; the Omniverse. The possibilities of the effects infinitely and instantly continued to go on in the most likely and least likely and impossible directions, thus creating an infinite amount of possibilities and effects. Any and all conceptual attacks and effects were unmaking his target's complete existence.


When Acinonyx Jubatus starts to run with Prodigy, they reach a higher level of speed. Before potentiality can process, before actuality could process their presence, before the Quantum frame could begin, before the root of cause could start, they can achieve a level of system of velocity that allows them to travel to all points and beyond within the Omniverse. As it expanded into many alternate forms, they had already been there. They break through the very concept of not only presence, but action, change, potentiality, and actuality...

After that, the infinite set of infinite universes become an infinite set of infinite Multiverses. Then, the infinite set of infinite Multiverses became an infinite set of infinite Metaverses. The Cardinality of the Continuum multiplies by infinity. All modes of existence turns into a completely transfinite never-ending Omniverse.

The two can completely traverse it in its entirety before space-time and change can even process…

Dual ExistenceEdit

Acinonyx Jubatus

Acinonyx Jubatus

Prodigy shares a dual existence with Acinonyx Jubatus. Acinonyx Jubatus is a Great Cat that has transcended the bounds of time, space, and causality.

The Little Ebony Cat and The Chaos Queen explained that this dual existence is known as their "Pride" and represents the transcendent existences that appear in the form of Great Cats that follows alongside each of the Gurētokyatto (Great Cat).

Each Great Cat follows a certain Gurētokyatto member everywhere and anywhere within and outside of the Continuum. They are physically, mentally, spiritually, temporally, dimensionally, and conceptually linked with their specific masters. They are the very soul and core of their masters. However, they are separate from their masters too. This means that if you erase their master, it will not affect their Pride, since they do not exist within the confines of time, space, nature, causality, physical law and reality.

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