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Rebirthing is a new series that was written and published in late 2014 by Lionel Suggs.

Rebirthing (Content Page)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

What happens when a Plot never came to be?

What happens when a Story never was...? What happens when a Verse isn’t even an idea? What happens when the Author before the truth of ground in which the former was built on never appeared? The multiplying echoing chain of continuously absolutely multiplying collections of all possible, impossible and metapossible fictions, semifictions, nonfictions, transfictions, fanfictions, subfictions, hyperfictions, metafictions, patafictions, interfictions, personal fictions, impersonal fictions, pious fiction, and legends have become irrelevant. Point-of-view has been transcended. A song has started to fade away, as a new door has opened up to close eternity...

The Story (spoilers)[edit | edit source]

To be written...

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