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Red Devil Drei
“You must prepare for the day of reckoning, because IT IS AT HAND!” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“You must prepare for the day of reckoning, because IT IS AT HAND!”
Photo Novel Swan Song
Physiology Quantum Existence; Conceptual being
Height 5'9
Weight 196 lbs.
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family Red Devil Series
Love Interests None
Affiliation Red Devil Series
Tier Unknown

Red Devil Drei is a character that appears in the title Swan Song. He is one of the six prototypes for the Red Devil series. 


Red Devil Drei makes his appearance in the "Work of Art" Chapters in Swan Song, stepping out of the light to confront Alexander Birthright. Upon their confrontation, Red Devil Drei asked him a simple question, "if I ruled the world, would you serve me obediently?” With the negative response of Alexander Birthright, Red Devil Drei felt that Alexander Birthright was part of the problem. As the battle went on, Alexander Birthright weakened himself in order to fight Red Devil Drei, which greatly angered the Red Devil. By the time their battle had reached a picosecond, it was literally heating up. Once it reached a second, the Red Devil lost his mind due to Alexander Birthright refusing to cease to exist. In the end, he fell to Alexander Birthright through an ingenious deduction.

Powers and Abilities[]

Red Devil Drei is a quantum existence, thus he possesses many-minds, many-souls, and quantum immortality. He is chained to the concept of Infinity. He is fueled by an engine of infinite energy outside of the fields of the Four Fundamental forces, Quantum Field, and 23-Dimensional sources. He is a walking engine of pure infinite energy which is directly linked to the chains that bind the concept of Infinity.

Aura: Red Devil Drei possesses an aura that is of black and crimson electricity.

Mental Barrier: He has many mental barriers placed around his mind to protect him from external mental phenomena.

Enhanced Speed: Naturally, his movements are tachyon level. He was shown to be able to execute a centillion amount of punches in half of an attosecond.

Regeneration Negation: His punches have the ability to negate regeneration.

Temperature Manipulation: Red Devil Drei demonstrated the ability to increase the temperature of his body to near infinite levels. By simply being near him, the heat was punishing. In the physical universe, he would have eliminated the entirety of a mathematical infinite universe in the moment he released his heat.

Space-time Cut: He is able to slash through time and space.

Darkness Manipulation: He is able to create an absence of light.

  • Darkness Barrier: Red Devil Drei possesses an automatic barrier of darkness that allows him to negate and absorb energy.
  • Abyss: Red Devil Drei is able to manipulate the darkness around a target to place them into a dimensional abyss where there was no space and time, and no space-time to return to simply because it was locked.
  • By manipulating the darkness internally, externally and mentally, Red Devil Drei is able convert the absence of light into dimension piercing lances that instantly attack his target from all angles inside and out.
  • Shockwaves: Red Devil Drei can fire shockwaves of darkness by force of will, completely deconstructing over 10 million light-years of diameter of matter and energy.
  • Vibrations: Red Devil Drei can manipulate the darkness to shower the reality around him with vibrations that causes the very atomic structure of his target to shatter and disperse on hundreds of different planes of reality.

Energy Conversion: Red Devil Drei is able to convert the absence of light into dimension piercing lances. He mentally fires all centillion of them beyond maximum accelerating tachyons.

  • In his right hand, Red Devil Drei showed that he can mentally cause a series of atomic nuclei to join together to form a single heavier nucleus, causing the radiance of high intensity energy with very high densities at almost infinite level temperatures. In his left hand, Red Devil Drei mentally caused two protons to be brought close enough for the manipulation of weak nuclear force to convert the identical protons into a neutron forming the hydrogen isotope deuterium. Although the spheres over his palms had a diameter of 30 inches, each one was powerful enough, hot enough, and dense enough to easily cause a Galactic-ending event. The mere energy and radiation emitting from them was already decaying space-time. With a simple smirk, he can cause both of his miniature Suns to detonate causing a massive quantum level energetic burst over a diameter of 93 centillion light-years that attacks his target on all levels of reality.

Weak Interaction Phenomena: Red Devil Drei is able to unleash a series of vibrations that emits highly developed and destructive beta decay over a diameter of 93 billion light-years, which completely disperses the electrons, protons and the nucleus of his intended target.

  • Red Devil Drei is able to manipulate vibrations with a combination of high-powered weak nuclear force and high-powered electromagnetic force. Not only did the vibrations violently strike Alexander Birthright when used and eliminated his nucleons into leptons and all other types of hadrons, but it also caused a chain reaction that created an explosion that was a vestige of that of the Big Bang event. This massive explosion covered over a diameter of 903 billion light-years instantly.

Antimatter Generation: He is able to naturally generate antimatter from nothingness. He is able to produce both radioactive decay and particle–antiparticle annihilation onto a target on every level of reality, including imaginary ones.

Nothingness Manipulation: In a single attosecond, everything is gone. Pure void is all that remains. Red Devil Drei observed the other infinite collections of infinities, but before he was interrupted before he could erase them.