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Red Devil Vier
“I’m the reality… of Death.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“I’m the reality… of Death.”
Photo Novel Swan Song
Physiology Quantum Existence; Conceptual being
Height 5'9
Weight 196 lbs.
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color White
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Red Devil Series
Love Interests None
Affiliation Red Devil Series
Tier Unknown

Red Devil Vier is a character that appears in the title Swan Song. He is one of the six prototypes for the Red Devil series. 


"The Grim Reaper" Red Devil Vier makes his appearance in the "Work of Art" Chapters in Swan Song, confronting Alexander Birthright in the Cathedral. The Little Ebony Cat describes Red Devil Vier as the most aggressive of the brothers. He takes lives first and doesn’t ask questions later. He is causing disorder within the time stream of the Omniversal continuum. Alexander Birthright was guided to him by the Little Ebony Cat to stop him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Red Devil Vier is a quantum existence, thus he possesses many-minds, many-souls, and quantum immortality. He is chained to the concept of Infinity. He is fueled by an engine of infinite energy outside of the fields of the Four Fundamental forces, Quantum Field, and 23-Dimensional sources. He is a walking engine of pure infinite energy which is directly linked to the chains that bind the concept of Infinity.

Conceptual Pull: Red Devil Vier is able to open up a region of space in which the extra-dimensional conceptual field was so powerful that nothing, not even time, could escape its pull.

Quantum Temporal Mastery: Red Devil Vier has total control over all quantum temporal phenomena in any reality.

  • Red Devil Vier opened up his palm to reveal a nucleus that was in actuality the constituent conceptual force that was the Ground and Heart of all time. By applying a little force on the nucleus, all of space-time outside of the world that they existed in started dissipating

Anti-Mental Phenomena: Red Devil Vier does not have a brain, nor does he have a mind in the conceptual sense.

Self-detonation: Red Devil Vier can self-detonated himself, causing an explosion that swept across all of time and space, denying 3.9/5ths of the Omniverse of its existence and nonexistence. The wave of energy started cracking through the other 4.1/5ths of the Omniverse, while destroying the concept of absolute infinity and eternity.

Absolute Transcendence: Red Devil Vier can exist within and outside of time at the same moment. After Felis Leo caused an Omniversal reset, Red Devil Vier was shown standing within the Divine Ground and the Reality behind all Time, Space, Matter, Energy, Thoughts, Power, Soul, Change, Concepts, and Truths.