Revive Darkness
Revive Darkness 0011
“You bore me with your theatrics.”
Photo Novel Like Yesterday...
Physiology Pataphysical Quantum Uncertainty
Height 5'10
Weight 120 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Electric crimson
Age Older than any conceptual theory of dimension
Birth Date Self-created
Status Unknown
Gender Spades
Family Sen (Daughter)
Love Interests None
Affiliation Versus

Revive Darkness "Keeper of Genesis" is a high Tier "2nd Floor" character that appears in Like Yesterday....


Revive Darkness is an anomaly with no records within Possibility and Nothingness.


Revive Darkness makes her first appearance in Book 2 of Like Yesterday... It is in Book 5 where she finally takes center stage. She introduces the story to her daughter Sen, whom she is scolding.

To be written...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Revive Darkness can literally reject the "Objective" and "Subjective" Consciousness of a phenomena. She can lock-on to the natural consciousness through her perception of the 'ultimate reality'. With this, she can self-manage, put to sleep, and remove the hidden potential within a target.

  • She can downgrade a higher state of being into its most base level.
  • Cosmic De-empowerment: She can de-empower phenomena from its cosmic force.
  • Rejection of Awareness: She can remove one's mind from their link to the Psionic Plane.
  • She can remove a target's Supernatural Condition; eliminating physical, spiritual and mental perfection.


- This profile only covers Book 5.

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