Saint Athena - The Goddess of the Fallen
05. Saint Athena
"I simply want to bring this one to the Hall of the Fallen Gods."
Photo Novel Guidepost to Tomorrow
Physiology Jade Butterfly
Height 5'7
Weight 124 lbs.
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation The Demiurge's Virus
Saint Athena - The Goddess of the Fallen is the leader of Demiurge's Virus that appears in the Guidepost to Tomorrow series.


Saint Athena - The Goddess of the Fallen is a member of Demiurge's Virus that first appears in Part 2 of the series. She first appears in the form of a voice,  baiting Saint Hera to follow her ambitions. Soon, she made a physical appearance in front of August and Icelina Primrose, taking a fallen August with her.

Powers and Abilities

Saint Athena - The Goddess of the Fallen is an extremely overwhelmingly powerful Jade Butterfly, possessing power many magnitudes above her sister comrades, as well as all of their capabilities, but on a greater level.

Acausal: She exists outside of all theories of dimension, outside of all phenomena, and outside of all configurations of reality. Saint Hera is not subject to time, nonexistence, or probability, for they do not apply to her. She is outside of all metaphysical concepts.

  • She is purely Acausal. She surpassed concepts like reality anchorage, chronolock, and omnilock. She did not simply exist outside causality or the flow of time which defines cause and effect, but outside of all actions, will, and change. She is outside of all configurations of reality, and all metaphysical concepts. She does not have a beginning or end, and she is outside of influence.

Transcendence: Saint Athena stands outside of the space-time continuum, the cardinality of the continuum, and reality. However, she can perfectly interact with it.

  • Without ever leaving her starting point, she can arrive at her destination before the concept of an instant could recognize her trans-presence.
  • She is able to step outside of the union of NOTHING and ALL POSSIBILITY on her own will.

Higher Dimension Manipulation: She is able to destroy reality, taking a target into an upper dimension, destroying the rules of reality, and creating her own false reality.

Absolute Regeneration | Immortality: She can regenerate even if there was never a memory of her to begin with, for she was never within the union of NOTHING and ALL POSSIBILITY. Without a conscious or a Grand Principle behind her Creation, Saint Athena can reconfigure her existence/nonexistence and come back. If her nonexistence and existence is denied, and she is universally irreversibly annihilated, with her disembodied conscious and principle behind her Creation removed, Saint Athena will regenerate. She can even regenerate from having her existence divided by infinity and 0.

Prism Creation: Saint Athena has the ability to mentally collapse all quantum positions and metaphysical concepts around a target, stripping the target from 0 and Infinity, and placing the target into a prism.

Creation: Without even using action or will, she can create a Teraverse in its entirety, at minimum. 

Metaphysical Annihilation: She is able to erase all metaphysical concepts in a single unchanging moment. She can erase: Abstract object, Anima mundi, Being, Category of being, Causality, Choice, Cogito ergo sum, Concept, Embodied cognition, Entity, Essence, Existence, Experience, Idea, Identity, Identity and change, Information, Insight, Intelligence, Intention, Linguistic modality, Matter, Meaning, Memetics, Mental representation, Mind, Motion, Necessity, Notion, Object, Pattern, Perception, Physical body, Principle, Property, Qualia, Quality, Reality, Soul, Subject, Substantial form, Thought, Time, Truth, Type, Universal, Unobservable and Value, making that all of these never existed in any form of possibility or nothingness.

  • Saint Athena is able to snap her finger, collapsing the world around her, shattering an infinite amount of dimensions within the same unchanging moment.

Enhanced Telepathy: Saint Athena telepathically created all forms of metaphysics, yet never utilized any form of action, phenomena or thought to do so.

Nothingness Manipulation: Saint Athena has the power to command the omnipotent power Nothingness.

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