Saint Hecate
03. Saint Hecate
Photo Novel Guidepost to Tomorrow
Physiology Jade Butterfly
Height 6'0
Weight 199 lbs.
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Existing
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation The Demiurge's Virus
Saint Hecate is a member of Demiurge's Virus that appears in the Guidepost to Tomorrow series.


Saint Hecate is a member of Demiurge's Virus that first appears in Part 2 of the series. She confronted The Silver Devil, who appeared in the higher dimension of twilight, on a beautiful luminescence neon-colored road, with only the blessing of the moon within the sky watching over them. The battle with The Silver Devil was the highest level shown within the story up to that point, breaking many limits.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Saint Hecate is a powerful Jade Butterfly that is relentless almost to a fault.

Transcendence: Saint Hecate stands outside of the space-time continuum, the cardinality of the continuum, and reality. However, she can perfectly interact with it.

  • Without ever leaving her starting point, she can arrive at her destination before the concept of an instant could recognize her trans-presence.
  • Soon, it was shown that she could step outside of the union of NOTHING and ALL POSSIBILITY on her own will.

Higher Dimension Manipulation: She is able to destroy reality, taking a target into an upper dimension, destroying the rules of reality, and creating her own false reality.

Absolute Regeneration | Immortality: This was shown when she was dispersed into a stardust memory at the mere presence of The Silver Devil. In fact, there was never a memory of her to begin with, for she was never within the union of NOTHING and ALL POSSIBILITY. Without a conscious or a Grand Principle behind her Creation, Saint Hecate reconfigured her existence/nonexistence and came back. When The Silver Devil denied the existence and nonexistence of Saint Hecate, universally irreversibly annihilating her disembodied conscious and principle behind her Creation, Saint Hecate regenerated. She was able to regenerate from having her existence divided by infinity and 0.

Prism Creation: Saint Hecate has the ability to mentally collapse all quantum positions and metaphysical concepts around a target, stripping the target from 0 and Infinity, and placing the target into a prism.

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