The Emerald Knight
The Emerald Knight 6
“You would think being fully and necessarily Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and All-encompassing would mean something, but because I am beyond the necessity of their reach, they are merely cannon fodder for ants.”
Photo Novel Solecism,

Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters

Physiology Transcendent Pataphysical Impossibility
Height Transcendent Pataphysical Impossibility (appears 6'1)
Weight Transcendent Pataphysical Impossibility (appears 220 lbs.)
Eye Color Appears Emerald
Hair Color Appears Green
Age Transcendent Pataphysical Impossibility
Birth Date Transcendent Pataphysical Impossibility
Status Transcendent Pataphysical Impossibility
Gender Transcendent Pataphysical Impossibility
Family The Emerald Knights
Love Interests Transcendent Pataphysical Impossibility
Affiliation The Emerald Knights

“You are an Emerald Knight. No existence shines as bright as the rare and illuminating Emerald Knight.” - Johnathan Scirocco

The Emerald Knight (6) is the sixth Emerald Knight to appear in Solecism. He is the leader of the team.


The Emerald Knights possesses no names, for they are all children of God, and have no need for names. He first appears in Solecism Volume 3, seeking the Xenogems.

He first appears before Christopher Sincere Pride, seeking the whereabouts of the Xenogems. He appears after the fifth Emerald Knight fails to erase Sincere. In this respect, he erases his own comrade for his failure. He enlightens Sincere that he should go to the End of Time if he wanted to find the whereabouts of the Xenogems.

In Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters III, Seis Esmeralda reveals himself at the Birthday of Nothing and All Possibility, being confronted by Johnathan Scirocco. Later, he engages in battle against God's Will.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Phenomena Mastery: This Emerald Knight stated to have mastered all other forms of phenomena due to his ability to see through the union of NOTHING and ALL POSSIBILITY.

  • In the Unwritten Chapters, Seis Esmeralda was shown to be able to poke Nothingness and All Possibility, shattering the very actuality of Nothing and All Possibility before him.

Pataphysical Omniscience: This Emerald Knight, as shown in the Unwritten Chapters, possesses a level beyond Perfect Meta-Omniscience. He was able to see that the leader of God's Will was outside of the realm of the plot; outside of the authority of the author. Johnathan Scirocco even confirms this by elaborating that he grasp the pataphysical notions of what exists outside of the grasp of the author.

Pataphysical Omnipresence: This Emerald Knight, as shown (or rather explained) in the Unwritten Chapters, possesses a level beyond Perfect Meta-Omnipresence. Johnathan Scirocco explained that he has ventured to various fictional realities, various meta-fictional realities, various transfictional realities, various personal realities, various impersonal realities, and various abstract mathematical realities.

Pataphysical Omnipotence: This Emerald Knight, as mentioned in the Unwritten Chapters, possesses a level beyond Perfect Meta-Omnipotence. He explains that he is quite tired of eliminating the ultimate reality of Supreme Beings, because they are irrelevant to his presence. This is also backed up by Johnathan Scirocco, who questions on why he's been doing this feat before the patapower was even shown.

Suggsversal 'η '→ + > Patapresence: In the Unwritten Chapters III, Seis Esmeralda revealed, just as four members of God’s Will perfectly (pataphysically) Omniversally irreversibly removed Seis Esmeralda from the story, Seis Esmeralda stepped into a level beyond the necessity of Pure Act, and then stepped into a level beyond and before that, creating an equation that could answer the equation of anything that is Omni and Meta-Omni. (In other words, he created an equation that could answer The Ace of Spades)


  • There seems to be an unknown reason as to why he did not just get the Xenogems himself, seeing that he was the most powerful Emerald Knight. This should have been a simple task, considering what his power was. Since he is the only Emerald Knight that was not defeated, we may learn about his true motives later on.
  • In the Unwritten Chapters III, Johnathan Scirocco stated that he still could not reach the level of this Emerald Knight.
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