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“Of course I beat Death. Death cannot beat me!” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“Of course I beat Death. Death cannot beat me!”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest
Physiology Unquantifiable
Height 5'1
Weight 144 lbs.
Eye Color Glaze
Hair Color White
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Adam Conquest, Keith Jericho
Tier Unknown

Shamshir is a character that appears in Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest.


Shamshir first appears in Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest after Adam Conquest's defeat at the hands of Leonardo LionHeart. He appears after obtaining both the Sword and Scythe of Death. After easily dispatching an ensemble of Undertakers, Lowe Tsuki, the Knight Star appeared before Shamshir, bringing great anger. The battle between the two ended in Shamshir's favor, which forced the coming of Marco Pacheco.

Powers and Abilities[]

Shamshir is first introduced after defeating Death. He stated that he had to completely encompass Death itself. "My powers alone were more than enough to simply triumph over Death. I’ll leave it at that.” - Shamshir

Shamshir possesses the power of the law, the Vis Legis.

Translatio Imperii: This negates and cancels out conceptual effects on his existence.

Sisto Activitatem: By Shamshir’s word, all of time within the infinite universe halts on a quantum level, thus breaking it down into nothingness.

Utrinque Parato: This gives Shamshir the ability to survive the destruction of the infinite.

Dirigo: Shamshir mentally commands existence to eliminate a target and never allow the target within the realm of existence again. It is later explained that Dirigo completely erases the target from all known and unknown existence; Dirigo is Omniversal in power. Everything that Shamshir does with Dirigo applies everywhere in the Omniverse; thus his power can affect everything within the Omniverse.

Supero Omnia: Shamshir is able to strip one of their faith, spirit, mind, and soul. He denies the target from ever existing at all, or ever existing again.

Infinite Strength: Shamshir snapped his finger, causing the universe to dissipate. The infinite Omniverse began to quake by the mere snap of Shamshir’s finger.

Meta-Omnipresent: Shamshir is at a level beyond the necessity of Omnipresence. He can completely encompass an omnipresent force. It doesn't if a target is in all locations, all angles, all points, and throughout the entirety of every aspect of the infinite universe, he will be above them.

Immortal: Death is unable to touch the reality of Shamshir. Darkness Manipulation: Shamshir is able to warp space, causing pure darkness to isolate and nullify a target's very being. Shamshir’s very being. However, his Contra Legem negated Lowe’s effect.