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Solomon Princeton
“Oh? So you are still here? I guess I’ll have to stop holding back.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“Oh? So you are still here? I guess I’ll have to stop holding back.”
Photo Novel All-World
Physiology Metahuman
Height 6'0
Weight 185 lbs.
Eye Color Pale
Hair Color Silver
Age 25
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status Exists
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation The Apostles
Tier Unknown

Solomon Princeton is a character that appears in the All-World series as one of the main antagonists. He is a member of The Apostles.


In Book 1, Solomon Princeton appears before Cire Lostsanctum and Enoch, after Cire explained that they were going to Emerald City to destroy Logos. Solomon Princeton explained that the two would not get there as he descended from the sky. When Cire caught a grasp of his sense, he commented that it felt like that of Jason Cain. Solomon Princeton questioned Cire on why he was protecting a doomsday device. Cire challenged Solomon to a fight, much to Solomon's approval. After the battle, Solomon is defeated and is erased from reality on all levels and planes of existence. However, he regenerates from nothingness, but still weak. Cire Lostsanctum, however, is unable to wake up due to the taxing effects on his body.

In Book 2, Solomon Princeton escapes after being defeated by Lilah Ambercrest.

Powers and Abilities[]

(Book 1)

Martial Arts Master: Solomon possesses a master level knowledge of all fighting arts, known and unknown. He has an arsenal of sacred, forbidden, forgotten, and newly created techniques. He demonstrated all styles of martial arts and a complete mastery of them.

Enhanced Speed: Solomon can easily travel at an accelerating tachyon velocity. His mental processing is faster than light, and quite possibly faster than time, as he is able to react faster than Cire Lostsanctum.

Sleep Manipulation: Solomon is able to hypnotize a target with his will, putting them to sleep. He can even place a target into a sleep that is closest to death.

Contract: With his power, he is allowed to enter the corridors of his mind to invoke natural forces to initiate the summoning of spirits. Because he has read over 100 grimoires and practiced so many spells, he opened up several corridors within his mind. He can link his mind with the immaterial world in order to establish a contract with various spirits at any moment. However, he can only establish a contract with one spirit at a time.

Raitei: By establishing a contract with this deity, Solomon gained the abilities to manipulate, destroy and create lightning and thunder.

  • Cloud and Lightning Manipulation: Solomon Princeton can cause the clouds to cover the sky, raining down 50,000 leader lightning bolts that were half the speed of light to strike a target. At the same time, he creates 50,000 lightning bolts that were nearing the end of relativistic speeds to strike Cire from below. Just as the lightning bolts all neared their target, Solomon breaks down the structure of the all of the lightning, multiplying all of them by a centillion.
  • Web of Lightning: He can create a web of lightning that affects a target him on a quantum level, paralyzing the target completely if they are caught in its web.

Brahma: By establishing a contract with this deity, Solomon Princeton gains the ability to manipulate, destroy and create both matter and energy.

  • With his will, he created a nuclear explosion that completely envelopes his target and everything else within a 27,000 km2 of the continent. A crater that was over 30 miles deep was left in the wake of the nuclear explosion. The mushroom of the explosion escaped the atmosphere, reaching into space. This triggers so fast that Cire Lostsanctum is unable to escape.

Asclepius: Solomon establishes a contract with this deity, thus gaining the ability to instantly heal all and any wounds. He could regenerate from any damaging effect.

  • Cire manipulated the Qi field to resonate with the life energy and reality of Solomon Princeton, shattering his essence completely. Solomon returned instantly with a smirk on his face, as if nothing had ever happened to him.
  • When Cire unleashed a wave of Qi that was meant to break the subatomic structure of Solomon Princeton, he instantly regenerated.

Thanatos: By establishing a contract with this deity, he gains the ability manipulate and create death.

  • By manipulating these effects with his martial arts, he can absorb the life force of a target with a simple side sweep kick.

Vayu: By establishing a contract with this deity, he gains the ability to manipulate and destroy both the mind and soul.

  • By assuming no stance, he was able to unleash the style of the emperor, mentally sending off Ki energy waves to break down the mind and the soul of Cire on all levels of existence.

Ishtar: By establishing a contract with this deity, he gains the ability to manipulate, destroy and create both time and fate.

(Book 2)

Concept Creation: Solomon created a new concept of time, completely dwarfing any system of universal time to attack Lilah Ambercrest.