Stefania Dobre
Stefania Dobre
“You haven’t even seen my introduction yet.”
Photo Novel Praé
Physiology Tear of an Angel
Height Inapplicable
Weight Inapplicable
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Erased
Gender Female
Family Zangetsu (sisters)
Love Interests None
Affiliation Zangetsu

"Angel of Woe" Stefania Dobre is a tear from an angel who carries the Book of the Eclipse. She appears in the novel Praé.


Stefania Dobre was introduced in Praé as an opponent of Faith. Stefania was not pleased with the progress of her fallen comrades, believing them to be extremely pathetic. She believed that each one of them fell easily, embarrassing Zangetsu. Stefania’s mind was elsewhere throughout most of the battle, and not concerned with the battle before her. She was playing around with her powers to see if the seal on her powers had been released yet. Although none of Stefania's effects were affecting Faith, Faith could not even begin to make Stefania worry. However, just when Stefania's seal was finally broken, the Snowflake and the Sun appeared to remove Stefania from the story.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Stefania Dobre possesses an extensive mastery over many abilities.

Homing Light Rays: Particles of light surrounds the right hand of Stefania as she fires streams of magical light rays towards her target. Even if one dodges the rays of light, the rays of light will home in on the target and even change in direction instantly, until they connect with their intended target.

Bilocation: There was a point when Stefania was in front of Faith, and at the same time, somewhere outside of the reality that they were in, Stefania was creating a vast amount of infinite Ultimate Ensembles through sheer force of will.

Super Strength: A casual punch from her caused the Milky Way to completely disperse into nothingness. And this was a punch that missed its target.

Probability Manipulation: By folding probability, Stefania can mentally manipulate and control the destiny of a target.

* She used probability to break down the very form of a target's matter to a quantum level, unmaking their reality.

Matter Manipulation: Outside of reality, within the bounds of several other infinite Ultimate Ensembles, Stefania was rearranging the molecules of objects and organisms in order to change their form. She was ripping apart entire planets and stars through sheer force of will. Stefania eventually manipulated all forms of matter within the infinite stretch of the infinite Ultimate Ensemble on a subatomic level, completely breaking everything down into zero.

Psionic Manipulation: Stefania was reading the minds of everyone within the Ultimate Ensembles and projecting her own thoughts into their minds. Stefania was casting realistic telepathic illusions onto people, thus causing them to experience events which were not actually occurring. She was placing large amounts of information within the minds of countless of species, thus breaking down their very consciousness. She was affecting countless of victim's minds to cause the victims pain, some unconsciousness and others death. She was even controlling the minds of others to do anarchic acts without even a mere hint of concentration. She then decided to end it all by completely shutting down all minds, making it appear as if time has stopped…

Suppression: Outside of reality, Stefania was suppressing the powers and energies of other beings, making them unusable completely. Even the nigh-omnipotent Hindu God – Brahma was rendered suppressed. The Omnipotent God Brahman was suppressed as well.

Existential Teleportation: Stefania was playing around with other higher beings, teleporting countless of them through trans-space and trans-time itself with no limits to this power in sight. Stefania was stripping away the existence of beings that possessed a timeless existence, and cancelling out the immortality of beings, thus sending them right to Death’s doorstep. Other beings were being transported to various planes of existence by mere force of her will.  

Fundamental Forces Manipulation: Stefania can control the four fundamental forces, and was shown to able to restructure, create or destroy matter at will down to quantum levels. She was creating dark matter and dark energy, clusters and exploding them onto targets, and even created energy blasts that could attack and disperse on subatomic levels.

Absolute Immortality: Stefania possesses absolute immortality. She immediately heals from all injuries, even if her body is disintegrated or blown up or completely erased, she simply regenerates. Even energy drawn from outside of the Omniverse cannot put her down.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation: She can create electromagnetic fields and electrical currents that were powerful enough to cover entire Ensembles. She could make all matter radioactive within the infinite stretch of the Ultimate Ensemble. She can manipulate gravity, and create gravitational storms. She could manipulate gravity to cause Black Holes in several Ultimate Ensembles as well. Stefania was causing extreme nuclear detonations, completely eradicating infinite Multiverses. She was even emitting enormous amounts of energy blasts through sheer force of will that stretched across an infinite amount of Ultimate Ensembles, completely obliterating them on a quantum level.

Energy Manipulation: She can change the arrangement of matter and energy so that it would all possess a value of zero. She was changing the natural and ultimate infinite configuration of the entire Omniverse into a state of zero.

- Everything mentioned above was done when she was only able utilize a mere fraction of her powers, due to her having a seal on her powers, which made it that she was only allowed to use 0.001% of her power. She was merely doing this to see when her seal would be released.

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