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This wiki contains information about the works of Lionel Christopher Suggs; the Suggsverse.

  • Due to time, and since there are a lot of books and a lot of characters, information will be uploaded slowly but surely. 
  • Due to the sheer amount of overwhelming spoilers, and because the stories are not widely known, only bits and pieces of information will be presented. However, their powers will be almost fully presented. 
  • All information presented here comes directly from the author, so it is always canon. There should never be any question of Fanon or Canon

Heir to the Stars


Suggsverse Introduction

The Heir to the Stars is the collection of works of fiction written and published by Lionel C. Suggs. There are numerous of titles within the verse, starting from the Heir to the Stars series. Each story written by Lionel Suggs is part of a puzzle. Each story is a continuous story, which leads to another continuous story. Each story is written in a style that is non-traditional to literature. Most of the earlier stories are action-literature, and while he keeps this theme throughout all of this titles, some of the later stories comfortably drift away from this being the main aspect. Lionel Suggs passionately shows his audience the limits of his imagination, and the limits of power.

List of Heir to the Stars Titles

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