Tenerezza by ladymiralys-d8wetkc
“His fate was in my hands ever since he was born. By attacking me, he chose to stop existing. I merely helped him out.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars II
Physiology Fate Incarnate
Height 5'3
Weight 110 lbs
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blue
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Status Quasi-erased
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Waltz
Tenerezza is the partner of Waltz. She follows Waltz out of her own will because of the beauty of his music. She is a primary character in Heir to the Stars II.  


Tenerezza made her first appearance when Waltz turned around, appearing within a dark room. A single active candle stood before him. It was here, he met Tenerezza. It was then she told him that there was a dark aura about him, and that his candle could not be blown out. She explained that there is no divine force, magical force, psychic force, natural force, or omnipotent force blocking it. It was something completely higher. After Waltz questioned Tenerezza, she looked into the mind of Waltz, and gently passed out for a complete second. When she woke up, dread emanated from her eyes. The Door to Truth showed her and made her experience the Truth. Waltz picked up his violin and started playing a random piece for her. The sound of the music echoed within the heart of Tenerezza. The music played by Waltz created a world for Tenerezza that was pulled over her eyes to blind her from the truth. However, she saw through the illusion and saw a glimmer of hope. After Waltz explained that the sounds of life will guide them, he offered her hope. She closed her eyes and turned away. Waltz took his violin and proceeded to walk forward. She decided to follow for her own reasons. She couldn't explain it, but felt like that she needed to stick around him.

They soon found themselves on the Warpath planet. Her first opponent seen in the novel was a fairy named Armonioso. The battle was short-lived, as she made quick work of Armonioso. Soon after, Tenerezza and Waltz located the first ring of Auspicious Qualities. Allegretto then made his introduction, seeking to return the ring to its former bed. The battle happened before a moment could process, leaving Tenerezza the winner after blowing out his candle.

After winning a race against Waltz, the two landed on Heaven's Nest. After Waltz and Tenerezza acquired the second ring of Auspicious Qualities, Aishvarya. Tessitura appeared, asking them to return the planet's treasure. However, Tenerezza denied her request, asking Waltz to stay back. It was then revealed that Tessitura possessed a flame of life that was colored black. A black flame means that one is completely protected from death. After many failed of attempts to defeat Tenerezza, Tessitura mentally warped the space of the universe to collapse it. However, in a mere attosecond, her immortality, which was beyond comprehension, was comprehended and defeated. As the Tenerezza and Tessitura appeared in another reality, Tessitura faded away into never existing at all. Tenerezza calmly looked over to edge of existence. After her final words, Tenerezza silently faded away…

Final Words: “Ever since I heard your music, I’ve tried to change. I tried to find a reason to not terminate all realities. I decided to follow you for that purpose. Every time you played your Stradivarius, I was listening to true beauty. I’m sorry to say this, but I still haven’t found that reason. However, I believe that you have played the sound of truth, and I’ll watch over you to make your truth a reality.”

Later on, Tenerezza revealed that she was in the Mental Plane, so as long as Waltz maintained his memory of her. She pushed him to get the other four rings, and presented him with the 3rd ring of Auspicious Qualities, the Shakti. She explained that before she faded away, she traversed the Omniverse to get back into this realm. She found the ring and held on to it in the Mental Plane. However, her brief appearance would be one of her last.

Powers and Abilities

Her primary tactics revolves around pulling out a candle that represents the entirety of a target's essence, memory, timeline, and being and blowing it out.

Instant Regeneration: She is able to regenerate from nothingness.

Omniscience: She is able to read the entire history of a target by merely observing their candle.

Absolute Temperature: She can raise the temperature around a target so high, that it reaches above Planck Temperature. The temperature reaches an infinite level. 

Heat Death: Tenerezza can end and erase all physical phenomena within the universe with the snap of her finger.

White Flames: Tenerezza can ignite white flames that dissipates all matter and energy of a target. The flames completely engulfs the target and turns the target into less than nothingness, below the quantum line.

Endscape: Tenerezza can raise the temperature of the universe so high that all motion simply ceases. All values are set to zero, all truths are denied, and all physics simply cannot process. Information ceases to be able to process, the Quantum Field dissipates, all Wave-functions collapse, and the constituent abstracts of The All completely shuts down.

Immortality Negation: Tenerezza can negate the aspect of immortality.


Tenerezza is a Fate. She has the power over all fate within any reality or realm with any given moment. She has eliminated an uncountable amount of universes by manipulating the fate of their realities. However, Death and Izanami have had her denied from their realm. Even if one was to fate her to every death imaginable, she cannot touch Death's realm.

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