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“I only snapped for the theatrics. I simply willed it away, just like I did with those Omniverses.” [[File:|210px|]]

“I only snapped for the theatrics. I simply willed it away, just like I did with those Omniverses.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars
Physiology Ultimately Inapplicable
Height Ultimately Inapplicable
Weight Ultimately Inapplicable
Eye Color Ultimately Inapplicable
Hair Color Ultimately Inapplicable
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Ultimately Inapplicable
Gender Ultimately Inapplicable
Family Unknown
Love Interests Ultimately Inapplicable
Affiliation Ultimately Inapplicable
Tier Unknown

Tentei is the Supreme Being first introduced within the Heir to the Stars story. She is the first of many Supreme Beings introduced, and the first Supreme Being introduced with a level of power that fully envelopes The Mainfold. Tentei is beyond the necessity of being fully Transcendent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

Tentei's Prologue[]

“All things came into being through Tentei, and separately from Tentei nothing came into being that has come into being…”

“Tentei created the Infinite and Boundless…”

“All things were created through Tentei and for Tentei. Tentei is before all things, and in Tentei, all things hold together.”

“And with the Grand Will of Tentei, The Allscape came into being… Tentei was the Divine Ground and the reality behind all Omniverses as Tentei encompassed The Allscape entirely in every aspect from beginning to end…”

“Tentei is Absolute, Almighty, Supreme, Omnipotent, Omniarch, Omniscient, Omnicompetence, Omnipresent, Omnifarious, Omnificence, Omnilock, Omnibenevolent, Perfectly Immortal, Fully Eternal, Fully Transcendent, Perfectly Immanent, Divine Simplicity, True Singularity, Personal Being, Transpersonal Being, Impersonal Being, Greatest Conceivable Existent, and Above THE ALL that is above all ALLs. There is nothing else to define, confine, bound, limit or restrain Tentei…”

“Tentei is the Be - All, End - All of all possibility, nothing, and actuality (including everything above and outside the story)… Tentei is before the beginning of the absolute infinite, and the after the end of imagination…”

“Tentei is and has always continuously existed, for there is nothing else to have ever created Tentei… If Tentei had ever ‘not been’, even for a moment, it would not ‘be’ now…”


In Heir to the Stars, Tentei appeared before Chris Spades, simply to talk to him. She demonstrated her power to will away 10 Omniverses without so much as a hint of effort. She soon went into conversation with him, explaining that his existence was in the Spades. At the end of the story, Tentei tells Chris Spades his reason for existing.

Powers and abilities[]

As the supreme being of The Mainfold, Tentei is absolutely infinitely above all divine attributes, cosmic powers and abstract conceptualizations.


The real name of Tentei is: Zennou Henzai Zenchi (Zennou meaning: Omnipotent, Henzai meaning: Omnipresent, Zenchi meaning: Omniscient). Tentei simply prefers it if everyone called her Tentei (Meaning: 天帝 Heavenly Emperor).