The Emerald Knight
The Emerald Knight 1
“The Emerald Knights possesses no names, for we are all children of God, and have no need for names.”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Human
Height 6'0
Weight 200 lbs.
Eye Color Inapplicable
Hair Color White
Age 29
Birth Date Unknown
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family The Emerald Knights
Love Interests None
Affiliation The Emerald Knights
The Emerald Knight (1) is the first Emerald Knight to appear in Solecism.


The Emerald Knights possesses no names, for they are all children of God, and have no need for names. He first appears in Solecism Volume 3, seeking the Xenogems.

He first appears before Mother Mary and Christopher Pride, seeking the whereabouts of the Xenogems. Upon getting a glimpse of Sincere, he came to the conclusion that he truly did have to fight him. "I have to erase this person from all time streams, and then eliminate you, Mother Mary; the one who wish to purge the world that God blessed us with."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thought Vision: Although he is without the ability to see within the light; only within darkness, he can see the thoughts of others as clear as day.

Disruption Waves: Through his ability, the Emerald Knight can send out waves that disrupts the dimensionality within the immediate area, completely allowing him to move undetected.

Enhanced Speed: He can move and react within the attosecond.

Elimination of Senses: When he opens up his eyes, he sends out optical waves that diminishes the senses of a target. This is stated to be his true ability. He can single one's senses out, or completely shut down all physiological capacities of organisms that provide data for perception. Christopher Sincere revealed that he has the ability to not only shut down, but command the principle systems that consists of groups of sensory cell types that responds to specific physical phenomenon, and that corresponds to particular groups of regions within the brain where the signals are received and interpreted.

Vector Shield: Using any kind of velocity, force or momentum would simply dissipate upon impact with him.