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The Final Story is the epilogue to the Guidepost to Tomorrow series. This title was written and published in winter of 2012 by Lionel Suggs.

The Final Story (Content Page)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After the destruction of the space-time continua, the infinity of the space-time continuum; the Ultimate Ensemble was recreated to fix the fundamental flaw of the former. However, one essence has escaped from the final resting place for discarded timelines overwritten by truth. In the new unified dimension, there are no happy endings. Because of the quantum fluctuation within the time between life and death, the gates of eternity have closed, and the continuum has been put out of order. Frames have appeared, collecting the Truths in order to reopen the doors to the future. If the doors are reopened, someone will fill the seat of empty Director's Chair.

The Story (spoilers)[edit | edit source]

To be written...

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