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Creating The Mainfold

The Mainfold is the system outside of "everything" and "nothing" that encompasses The Allscape.

The Mainfold is the answer to The First Cause; the reason why existence and nonexistence can be tested. It is the answer to how and why there can be more than All. It is the answer to Transcendence. The Mainfold is the total acceptance that there exists constituencies of Creation that lie beyond the reach of macrocosmic telescopes and microcosmic underpins, but somewhere on the roll of a dice between that and the idea that there are an unending uncountably sum of verses (each with their own set of laws, physics, planes and dimensions) credibility will never reach a limit.


Through unison, ♠The Ace of Spades♠ and THE JOKER separated Pure Act and Divine Will, setting off a chain reaction that materialized The Mainfold, a manifestation of the separation of Pure Act and Divine Will. However, due to the disagreement behind the foundation of The Mainfold, “the original paradox” self-created itself within the cosmic ensemble. Through this, stories were created. Plots were assembled. Authors came to be, illuminating The Mainfold.

Endless Blessings

“While the name itself is far too simple, all you ever see are glimmers upon glimmers, surpassing the definition of eternity. These glimmers, beautiful as they may be, are in fact and illusion infinities on top of infinities of Allscapes.”

Endless Blessings is the totality in which is synonymous with a Metaverse, as just like a Metaverse houses an infinite number of infinite Universes, Endless Blessings houses an indefinable sum on top of an uncountable indefinable sum of Allscapes. It is an unobservable scope without the necessity of definition to its content, but for all intent and purposes, the original paratext.

Endless Blessings was designed to contain the massive expansion of a singular Allscape, which in effect, became an error of itself, causing divergent paths that the Allscape could and would take. If the error was fixed, an Allscape still persisted. If the error persisted, an Allscape would self-create itself. Nonetheless, the Allscape would remain, unchanging, unmoved, and ever-transcending.

Midlight's Deep

“This is where potentiality and actuality are created.”

Midlight’s Deep is the First Principle of Cosmic Inflation on a macrocosmic and microcosmic scale. It is the underpin behind the philosophy of Potentiality and Actuality, by which actualized and unactualized theories are generally substantiated.

Midlight’s Deep is the manifestation of the principle and universal attribute of interaction; creating all empirical testabilities and falsifiabilities. This particular level is undefined in scope, but so dominating in its area of effect, that it’s a level that sustains itself in a corner so far away from everything and nothing in The Mainfold.

The purpose of Midlight’s Deep is to create positional statuses of possible worlds that holds that everything that exists (i.e., everything there is) is actual. It consistently (without deviation) creates domains of the thesis principle that houses domains of unrestricted quantificational ranges over all and only actual abstract certainties. On the other side of this truth, Midlight’s Deep creates the denial of actuality, which is possibilism, the principle that there are some entities that are merely possible: these entities exist (in the same way that ordinary objects around us do) but are not to be found in the actual world.

The Road to Tomorrow

The endless road that guides to The Art Gallery is a structure that cannot be reached by any cosmic abstract, philosophical, epiphenomenal or ontological means. It’s structure sits in plain sight within The Mainfold, and yet, it’s beyond the reach of The Mainfold.

The Road to Tomorrow is independently that which surpasses and supersedes definition itself; transcending the absolute concept of an "incomplete inverse totality" that transcended the magnitude and order types of all scales within The Mainfold. And yet, it is merely a singular liner path, leading only one way.

The Road to Tomorrow was self-created upon the establishment of The Art Gallery, as a means to enter and exit, effectively creating the First Principles of Enter and Exit, Beginning and End. Through this manifestation, it created the principle of “Why”, and “Because”, for there is no reason but The Road to Tomorrow itself, therefore its action, itself, and its reason for being are all the same.

The Rabbit Hole

“This is where the Truths are created.”

The Rabbit Hole is the territory where Truths are created. However, a definite definition has not been reached as to what exactly qualifies as Truth.

It is self-evident, a priori temperament that cannot be doubted, nor observed since it created the truth behind the objection to existence, along with all standards of proof. The Rabbit Hole created the immovable force that makes a world and its inhabitants implicitly accept the standard's existence as a premise.

The foundation of The Rabbit Hole is ever changing, never stagnant, unmoved by the author of its own principle, consistently and inconsistently creating the well of conceiving things by ideas, comparing these ideas and, finding that some belong together and others do not, thus uniting or separating them. The Rabbit Hole created the First Principle of “affirmation” and “denial”, and in general “judgment” and “proposition”. Once The Rabbit Hole took center stage, the curtain to everything else was raised and written…


  • Tier 8 houses most of everything within The Mainfold.
  • There are several Mainfold level threats, such as Sayla Adeniké Suggs or Cassandra Schwanengesang. These are characters that possess more than enough power to wipe out the entirety of The Mainfold.
  • Some people confuse The Mainfold for something inspired by The Manifold written by Stephen Baxter, despite the two having nothing in common.