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The Neverending Poem is a series that started in 2013. It was written and published by Lionel Suggs.

This series takes place on the 2nd Floor of the Suggsverse Cosmic Hierarchy.

The Neverending Poem (Content Page)


One tried to remove the Old Gods, and replace them with New Gods. A new genesis only sparked a returning daydream. The next tried to remove All Gods and those who stood above them. The quest was put on hold, and now warrants a returning genesis.

The era is Diem sine Deo. At Daybreak's Dream, Dawnbreakers have appeared on the Grand Stage. War has been stolen. Peace has been denied. Revolution is the only reality. The fully transcendent Authors of The All have been targeted for an end, and the Dawnbreakers have come to save them. And while the Supreme Authorities are meeting their saving grace, another has appeared at the end of eternity, as if she was answering the resonance of fate.

The Story (spoilers)

To be written...

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