Thornton Antonio Blaze
Thornton Blaze
"Evil is merely the necessity of existence."
Photo Novel Like Yesterday...
Physiology Pataphysical Quantum Uncertainty
Height 5'9
Weight 183 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Beyond Time and Space
Status Unknown
Gender Titan-Male
Family Ultimately Inapplicable
Love Interests None
Affiliation Versus

Thornton Blaze "Life's Epitaph" is a Low Tier "2nd Floor" character that appears in Like Yesterday....


In the past, as a human, Blaze was the Idea of Evil. He was a human that was known for outsmarting the gods, and able to escape the hands of fate because of his genius. He was categorized as a God of Evil, due to his very nature being made up of his portfolio.

In the mind of Blaze, the world did not work in spite of evil. It worked with him. It worked because of him. Because of his perception, the world was literally his playground, and he always held the high ground. He held a mentality that was beyond all other philosophies. To him, evil was the single element that was most essential to meaning and existence. Without evil, without anarchy, all of creation might as well be an unmoving story. He felt that without him to guide the evils of nature, no one would have cause to call themselves holy or just. While he did not hold a considerable kill rate with his own hands, he instigated many of intergalactic wars, and watched as many Star Systems crumbled... just for the laughs.

After his departure, he became infamous in four of the Prime Hell dimensions for overthrowing four of the Grand Devils. After the walls of reality cracked, and Hell was dissolved, he came back into world of the living, only to find a moment of rest.

At the Battle of Four Sanctuaries, Blaze took it upon himself to destroy the Four Sanctuaries, fearing what their existence would bring about. However, he was defeated and sealed away until eternity's end.

Sometime after his defeat, he was released by an unknown group, who hired him to stop the coming storm.


Although his real name is unknown to the public, he is known throughout history as (one of) the Idea of Evil. His legacy is recognized as being the End of Life, until he was finally sent to the gulf beyond time and space.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thornton Blaze is a very powerful villain.

- Meta-presence: Thornton is at a level beyond the Necessity of Speed

  • In one instance, in an attosecond, centillions of punches were utilized by each Divine Intervention guard, however, it was revealed to be only their minds sending out psychic quantum afterimages of their thoughts. Their thoughts had transcended the maximum velocity of tachyons, doing what they are forbidden to physically do. Thornton Blaze nonchalantly avoided all of their attacks, walking right past the real Divine Intervention guards.

- Mental Faculties Manipulation: Blaze is able to probe the minds of low level 2nd Floor characters with relative ease. He is able to extract any mental information that is necessary from their mind.

- Nothingness Manipulation: Thornton can perfectly erase from reality on a trans-quantum level higher dimensional characters. He can also drop the temperature down to a level in which metaphysics break down.

- Meta-Defense: He is able to ignore a presence that can render an entity powerless of supernatural, divine or psychic abilities.

- Thornton Blaze was shown to be able to easily defeat:

  • Angels that existed as noncorporeal divine consciousness, with their real existence being behind 33 higher dimensions, which were above 3 higher planes of existence. In terms of movement, they exist beyond the tachyon line, which always allows them to move faster than maximum velocity of light. In terms of endurance, they are the equivalent of imaginary numbers. In terms of strength, weak force generated by an angel can unmake subatomic particles. Strong force generated by an angel can convert the variables and quantities in mass, matter, and energy, and merely remove them from reality. They are not connected to the concept of death, only eternity. All of the Angels can read the thoughts generated around them before the thoughts are actualized.

Amount defeated: 60 million


- To be written...

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