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Tiffany Winters
“Innocence can be arrogance…” TIFF 0003.jpg

“Innocence can be arrogance…”
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Unknown Transcendent
Height 4'11
Weight 99 lbs.
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Age Completely Inapplicable
Birth Date Completely Inapplicable (Self-created)
Birth Place Unknown
Status Ultimately Transcendent
Gender Female
Family Christopher Sincere Pride
Love Interests Christopher Sincere Pride
Affiliation Christopher Sincere Pride
Tier Unknown

Tiffany Winters is a character that appears in the series Solecism. She is one of the eighteen ultimate soulmates of the main protagonist: Christopher Sincere Pride.


Tiffany Winters makes her first appearance in Solecism II volume 4.

In the fourth volume of Solecism II, Tiffany is seen traveling with Sincere, explaining to him the current situation of the story. She reveals the cosmic hierarchy and how serious the events that are to come are going to be. At the end of the story, a final revelation is revealed.

In After Epilogue, Tiffany and Sincere make their return to the series, observing the actions of Lucifer Highlander.

Powers and Abilities[]

The powers and abilities of Tiffany are so great that she was able to overpower Crown.

Ultimate Soulmate[]

Tiffany Winters is one of Christopher Sincere Pride's ultimate soulmates.

Due to Sincere's unique existence, he possesses within him Seven Twin flames. These Seven Twin Flames are literally the other half of his soul. Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. This union of two completes each other, making them whole. Each one of Sincere's ultimate soulmates are synchronized with the 'frequency' of his entire existence. They are one with all of his essence. It's the Ultimate Union of Love.

She holds his "Eternalism", which is something that he removed from himself in order to protect himself.