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Valentine Sin
“I am no one.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“I am no one.”
Photo Novel All-World
Physiology Logos
Height 6'3 (appears)
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color White
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Valentine Sin is a character that appears in the All-World series.


In Book 1, Valentine Sin, serving out to what he claims is his purpose, makes his introduction by destroying multiple city blocks. Eventually, he appears before Cire Lostsanctum, introducing himself as no one. Cire, angered by Valentine Sin attacked him, only to realize that he was intangible. Cire cloaked himself in chakra, much to Valentine's surprise. However, Valentine Sin is eventually defeated by Cire Lostsanctum, even after fusing with a universal concept. Nicholas Pageking then appears before Cire Lostsantcum and Enoch after his defeat. However, Valentine Sin regenerates and the two join forces to take down Cire. The two waste no time in going all out, merging with Universal Concepts in order to overkill Cire. However, because of his unconscious ability to command Miracles, Cire is unaffected by their will or power. Eventually, after the universe is restored, Cire defeats both of them, erasing them from existence.

Powers and Abilities[]


The Black Cane: Valentine Sin carries a cane, in which he can use to make himself invisible by forcing the cane to bend the wavelengths of light around himself without creating any distortion effects.

  • Light Manipulation: Valentine Sin can use his cane to pull down solar light energy from the Sun to strike down onto a target. When this was first used, the damage easily created a 15 km diameter, 8 miles deep crater. It was shown to even atomize an entire city.
  • Cloak: This cane has an automatic cloak that masks his presence and the use of his abilities from being detected.
  • Molecular Manipulation: Valentine Sin demonstrated the ability to rearrange the molecules of Cire Lostsanctum’s structure in order to change his form by using his cane to disrupt his wave/particle pattern, completely turning him into void.

Avatar of Scourge: This is a powerful technique. It requires the knowledge of the Big Bang Algorithm. By utilizing the equation, Valentine Sin can temporarily bind himself to an abstract entity. Valentine Sin became the concept of Chaos, the abstract of all anarchy throughout the universe.

  • Valentine Sin mentally caused a nuclear explosion, which was 14 km in diameter that reached above the atmosphere.
  • Valentine Sin can mentally cause more powerful nuclear explosions to encompass a single target at an exact total of 250 times.
  • Valentine Sin can mentally convert half of target’s body into antimatter, causing said target to annihilate completely into nothingness.
  • Valentine Sin can fire waves of antimatter and wave-function collapse waves at a target.
  • Regeneration: Valentine Sin was attacked on multiple levels of existence, canceling him out, only for him to regenerate a moment later.

Big Bang Equation: He is able to manipulate the energy waves of the Big Bang equation to merge into the concept of Death.

  • Omnipresence: He becomes the property of being present everywhere. He becomes present in every location in space and time. He becomes an unbounded presence. In the story, he was literally everywhere at once, that is, at every point in space during a given instant.
  • Banishment: Valentine Sin was shown to banish the entire universe into damnation. However, he also destroyed all of it.
  • Reality Manipulation: Valentine Sin manipulated the fabrics of the universe, transforming the very laws of all realities and dimensions within it to not allow matter or energy to exist.
  • Data Manipulation: Valentine Sin eliminated the concept of information on a quantum level.
  • Creation: Valentine Sin created a new infinite universe by force of will. Valentine Sin created a core universe in which reality could not exist. He encompassed it with an infinite Multiverse that housed an infinite number of universes in which life could not exist. Matter and energy would simply break down on a quantum level.