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Villain Descendingsword
“Do you honestly think that being omnipresent means jack squat to me?” Villain Descendingsword 2.jpg

“Do you honestly think that being omnipresent means jack squat to me?”
Photo Novel Glory of the Defeated,

Pharos of the End

Physiology Quantifiable Uncertainty
Height 5'9
Weight 152 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Unquantifiable
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests Chastity Grace
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

Villain Descendingsword is the primary character that appears in the Glory of the Defeated series. He seeks to rid the world of the failing Gods, and replace them with new ones.


In the Prelude Chapter, it is revealed that Villain is that of a six year old boy that is being trained by Migdalia and Moorabella. He was trained to be a master of Energy and Matter manipulation.

Villain first appears at the Imprisoning Star Forest. He makes it very clear that he is out to rid the world of all Gods. He wanted to purge the Gods from the world simply because they have been categorized as the Gods that have abandoned everything that they represent.

More to be written soon...

In Pharos of the End, Villain and Chastity returns, with Villain achieving a Mainfold level at this point.

Powers and Abilities[]

Based on the perception of a God, Villain Descendingsword exists outside of the parameters of matter and energy. He exists outside of the parameters of time and space. His very consciousness is inactive. Even with his interactions with atomic and subatomic particles, even an Omniscient God cannot link to his mind.

Martial Arts Expert: Villain knows every martial art up until the end of the century.

Enhanced Resistance: Although electrons normally remain in an uncertain, non-deterministic wave–particle wave function orbital path around the nucleus, Quantum the Source disrupted the wave function of Villain’s entire being, only for Villain to resist it completely. The Bloody Valentine generated an infinite cardinality of aleph-null algorithmic equations, which were all directed at collapsing the reality and essence of Villain Descendingsword, only for him to completely ignore the effects.

Enhanced Mental Capacity: During the first book, Villain Descendingsword dwelled deeper into the corridors of his ever-expanding mind, showing that the mere processing of the information that he was doing was greatly amplifying his mental capabilities to untold echelons. Although he effectively reached the point past infinity, he started to utilize 18 times more brain capacity for information processing and sorting than that of the capacity of the infinite and the endless. It was explained then that although he trained his mind to be a mainframe built for strategy and problem-solving, he somehow developed an algorithm for every property that can be trans-logically defined, thus having an equation for the existence of all that existed within the union of Nothing and All Possibility.

Algorithmic Equation Creation: Villain can mentally generate an algorithmic equation saying that a God level being does not exist, completely eliminating the embodiment of its actuality. It was explained that Villain has an algorithmic equation for every problem along the sum total of everything that exists along the architecture of the Ultimate Ensemble.

  • Villain can generate an algorithmic equation that transcends the Absolute Infinite.
  • Villain can create an omnipotence cancellation equation that completely breaks down a God on all trans-absolute systems and echelons.


Villain Descendingsword (child).jpg

As Child, Villain was extremely powerful, harnessing a lot less influence than what is presented in the main story, but more than enough to overwhelm the Gods.

- Energy Manipulation and Creation: At the age of six, Villain’s control of energy allowed him to manipulate and create all different forms of energy. He even created an entirely new electromagnetic spectrum, but at the same time, he was manipulating the laws of the former one. He demonstrate his control over alternate forms of energies such as magic, magick, psychic energy and divine energy.

- At the age of six, Villain was able to tap into the Omniverse’s manifestation of a higher plane of existence’s energy – the energy of The Ace of Spades.

- Through the training of Moorabella and Migdalia, at the age of six, Villain was at his absolute peak condition. Through continuous intense training, Villain Descendingsword came to represent, the greatest fighting weapon ever conceived. He possessed crowning level strength, stamina, durability, speed and agility comparable to greatest physical conditioned God. Not only was his body well-trained, but his metaphysical skills were as well. He was physically trained in dimensional physics orientation, motor reaction and adaptation capabilities, anatomical stress resistance, field motion recovery, panic control reflexes, liquid emerging capabilities, recovery capabilities, anatomical flexibility, disruptive motor coordination skills, basic lung capacity, and hostile environmental resistance. His acute and mental skills were crucially trained to be able to operate on any level.

- Quantum Mastery in Martial Arts: By linking his mind to the Quantum field, he possesses a master level knowledge of all fighting arts, known and unknown. As long as his mind stayed tangled up to the Quantum field, he will continue to learn every new art, mastering it instantly. All known experience is instantly imprinted on his existence and nonexistence, thus allowing him to never be outmatched or taken by surprise. This was also mastered by the age of six.

- Transcendent Mindscape: Through the training of Moorabella and Migdalia, at the age of six, Villain was trained in the higher sets of infinity. His mind eventually reached a level where it completely operated outside of time and space, allowing him to think and calculate information far beyond that of a human. Although it was explained that he has concealed this ability, he is able to access knowledge of all possibilities and actualities – all infinite future phenomena. It was stated that by the age of eight, he had sealed this ability for not wanting to know of All.

Mirrored Existence[]

Villain Descendingsword exists in a state of reflections. Each is a reflection of each other. Everything that defines one, defines the other. There is no difference. Villain Descendingsword mirrored himself eight times in order to find out the truth hidden within the truth. There are eight of them, which reflect from each other, continuing in an eternity of eight. Because of this aspect, none of them can truly be destroyed or perfectly erased... unless they are all affected and erased at the same time... which is in itself an impossibility, considering all other aspects of each of their existences.