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Virgil Northslain
"Then her existence needs to end as soon as possible." [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

"Then her existence needs to end as soon as possible."
Photo Novel All-World
Physiology Human
Height 5'10
Weight 151 lbs.
Eye Color Silver
Hair Color Jet Black
Age 22
Birth Date August
Birth Place Unknown
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Ragnarök Northslain (Wife)
Love Interests Ragnarök Northslain
Affiliation Ragnarök Northslain
Tier Unknown

Virgil Northslain is a character that first appears in the series All-World. He is an Ace of Spades and the husband of Ragnarök Northslain.


Virgil makes his debut in the 4th volume of All-World. While searching for a gem, he is confronted by the Orion Squad. After easily dispatching them, he is confronted by Semper Excelsius. Later on, after he defeats Paradox-616∞, he ventures on to take down the Four Corners of Metaphysics.

Powers and Abilities[]

Temporal Manipulation: Virgil has the power to command Time within reality, but he rarely uses any method of manipulating time because it always screws with the time stream of the universe some way or another.

Temporal Negation: Virgil is immune to Temporal Manipulation.

Higher Dimensional Observation: Virgil possesses a keen extra-dimensional sight which is several levels beyond the scope of reality’s understanding. Through this, he can see the Omniversal Quantum field as well as the Cosmic Strings of any reality.

Absolute Perception: Virgil Northslain, through the actions of Semper Excel, experienced the truth outside of Nothing and Possibility. Virgil was forced to experience The Mainfold in its entirety. It may have been a completely different realm that THE ALL could not fathom, but Virgil was able to process all of it down to the very last point. Virgil was implanted with the knowledge and the realities behind and beyond Nothing and Possibility.

Absolute Resistance: Virgil Northslain is able to resist his existence from denial. He resisted an attack that cancelled him out on a mental and spiritual level, as well as a quantum and conceptual level too. It completely unmade his reality on all planes of existence, canceling out all of his phenomena and his complete essence. He has shown the capacity to do this without limit.

Absolute Regeneration: When he was hit by a sword infused with THE ALL, the mere cut from this sword demonstrated an anti-existence effect, canceling out Virgil's existence. However, Virgil regenerated before the effect could be registered.

Absolute Presence: Before any system of information could process or be conceived, he was able to attack his foe in a beautiful show that could not be processed within the 4 dimensions of the basic universe. His speed was completely outside of the grasp of next 12 dimensions, and even the 23 dimensions outside of them. He completely escaped the grasps of reality, change and presence itself, completely being unregistered within the constraints of any system on all levels of existence.

Gracie and Lyric[]

Virgil Northslain - Gracie and Lyric.jpg

Gracie; a gladius that weighs approximately 8.18 septillion tons. The edges of the blade are literally hotter than the surface of the Sun. They resonate on a quantum level. Lyric; a black spatha that weighs approximately 19.89 septillion tons. The edges of the blade emit hypersonic vibrations, which breaks down the molecular structure. They resonate with the mind and soul upon impact in order to inflict damage.

Virgil Northslain is extremely proficient with his swords; a dual blade specialist. He is a highly adaptable combatant. On offense, he is able to multiply an opponent's defenses by zero. The attacks with his swords are merely for theatrics, but once he attacks, he is capable of completely neutralizing the essence of an opponent, eliminating them for good.

“Black PaperMoon Style: Resonance…” Before the metaphysical concept of ‘change’ could process, he is able to attack his target, effectively erasing the target, also negating regeneration on a quantum level. This is his empty-hand sword style.

“Black PaperMoon Style: Glory of the King’s Opposite Hand…” He is able to defeat Sigma – the leader of the Orion squad with this attack, allowing Sigma to simply fade into a level of nonexistence outside of the infinite scope. This is his one-handed sword style.

“Black PaperMoon Style: the be – all, end – all empty moon dance…” By drawing his Lyric and Gracie, and gracefully using a technique outside of the bounds of imagination and the stretch of the infinite; outside of The Mainfold and outside of any system that he has experienced, he silently turned Paradox-616 into something beyond the grasp of The Mainfold’s processing and scope of perfect nothingness.