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“Was there a reason to truly take the sound of his life out of existence?” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“Was there a reason to truly take the sound of his life out of existence?”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars II
Physiology Unknown
Height 4'11
Weight 98 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age 8
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests None
Affiliation Tenerezza
Tier Unknown

Waltz is a young boy that appears in Heir to the Stars II. He is the main protagonist of the story.


Waltz was born in an apocalyptic world where the water is poison, the food is rotten, and the trees are gone. He was born in a world that God had abandoned. However, a year Waltz was born; he was like a Messiah from Heaven making all of the misery fade away. With his music, he gave people the strength to survive and live on. He placed courage in their minds, bodies and souls to continue living and to persist.      

On the month of November, Waltz awoke in a realm between the Allscape and The Mainfold. He was shown the ‘Truth’ and has seen the coming storm. After he opened his eyes, he could do nothing but cry. The people had just started to live again and he wanted them to rebuild what they had lost. His music had showed him a vision of a possible salvation, which put him on the path to find the one and only way to save his home.

Soon afterwards, Waltz turned around, appearing within a dark room. A single active candle stood before him. It was here, he met Tenerezza. It was then she told him that there was a dark aura about him, and that his candle could not be blown out. She explained that there is no divine force, magical force, psychic force, natural force, or omnipotent force blocking it. It was something completely higher. After Waltz questioned Tenerezza, she looked into the mind of Waltz, and gently passed out for a complete second. When she woke up, dread emanated from her eyes. The Door to Truth showed her and made her experience the Truth. Waltz picked up his violin and started playing a random piece for her. The sound of the music echoed within the heart of Tenerezza. The music played by Waltz created a world for Tenerezza that was pulled over her eyes to blind her from the truth. However, she saw through the illusion and saw a glimmer of hope. After Waltz explained that the sounds of life will guide them, he offered her hope. She closed her eyes and turned away. Waltz took his violin and proceeded to walk forward. She decided to follow for her own reasons. She couldn't explain it, but felt like that she needed to stick around him.

Warpath was the first planet that he and Tenerezza found themselves on, in which they encountered a fairy named Armonioso. Tenerezza made short work of the fairy, while Waltz merely observed. After the battle, Waltz positioned his Stradivarius. Then he started to play a solemn tune for the departure of Armonioso. The solemn tune that Waltz played reflected the elimination of the warrior of light. It was so deep that it revived the destroyed world in a blaze of radiance on a metaphysical level. Soon, the two found themselves on Eden's Garden. The sounds of the planet led them towards the center of the planet. It is here, the first ring of Auspicious Qualities, which was unseen, was located. Allegretto then made his introduction, seeking to return the ring to its former bed.

After winning a race against Waltz, the two landed on Heaven's Nest. Tenerezza and Waltz acquired the second ring of Auspicious Qualities, Aishvarya. After she placed the ring in a pocket dimension, Tessitura appeared, requesting that the two returned the treasure of that planet. Tenerezza did not want want to take orders from an Imp, and decided to leave. Tenerezza asked Waltz to not interfere as she engaged in combat with Tessitura. After a momentary battle between Tenerezza and Tessitura, Tessitura faded away into never existing at all. Tenerezza calmly looked over to edge of existence. After her final words, Tenerezza silently faded away…

With Tenerezza's depature, Waltz himself felt saddened. Fermata appeared from out of a forest, asking why Waltz was in tears. After flirting with Waltz for a moment, he placed his Stradivarius down and tried to take one good punch at her, but all of his speed was being completely absorbed. Waltz was stripped of all motion, and dissipated into nihility. Waltz however came back, and continued to battle her. Eventually, she heard his Stradivarius play, which signified her defeat. After that, Tenerezza revealed that she was in the Mental Plane, so as long as Waltz maintained his memory of her. She pushed him to get the other four rings, and presented him with the 3rd ring of Auspicious Qualities, the Shakti. She explained that before she faded away, she traversed the Omniverse to get back into this realm. She found the ring and held on to it in the Mental Plane.

The fourth ring was located on the Hallowed Sanctum planet, which was guarded by Rhythm, a very powerful Divine Deva. Waltz traversed space to land on the Hallowed Sanctum planet. Soon, after he defeated Rhythm, who basically allowed him to defeat her, after submitting to his resolve, and then giving him the fourth ring. Hauptstimme approached him. After Legato made his appearance, Hauptstimme was about to engage in combat with him after a series of remarks. Sensing the tension, Waltz quickly played a song that folded space-time and sent all of them into another universe entirely.

Later on, Waltz is seen on the planet Hellmouth, engaged in a battle with Cor Leonis. It was explained that right after the Emperor and Legato left, Cor Leonis approached Waltz. Cor Leonis had destroyed the home world of Waltz by commanding darkness to omnipotently devoid his planet of everything, which instigated the fight between the two. The fight quickly escalated from universal level to Omniversal level, and then beyond... The story comes to its conclusion when Waltz plays his final symphony.

Powers and Abilities[]

Waltz is a gifted young boy, possessing the power to resonate with the frequencies of existence. Waltz has shown the ability to be able to break out of dimensions, regardless if they are sealed. Waltz can unconsciously step out of nothingness, and much more.

Temporal Immunity: Because Waltz saw the Truth, time no longer affects him, as he simply sees it as an illusion.


When Waltz positions his Stradivarius, he steps outside of all systems of time, before the Planck epoch, and outside of the conceptual systems of change, playing a harmonic tune. In fact, his divine sound was no mere waves. The velocity of his musical waves was immanent, before the root of cause, and omnipresent. He can apparently play up to 3 of these at once:

  • When Waltz plays his Stradivarius, he can play a tune that places a target into a sleep closest to death.
  • Waltz can create music that creates a new time flow so that a character can not operate, unless they are used to alternative time flows.
  • His music can revive entire planets on a metaphysical level, even if the planet has been erased on a quantum level.
  • Waltz can create an imbalance within the flow of time to completely annihilate the universe on a quantum level, thus annihilating all connecting universes.

*  Overture is one piece that plays 3 different beats, followed by 3 different effects:

  • Hell's Waning Moon: The tachyon oscillating waves coming from the music will disrupt and deconstruct matter.
  • Purgatory's Full Moon: The tachyon oscillating waves coming from the music will literally remove mass and energy.
  • Heaven's Waxing Moon: The tachyon oscillating waves coming from the music will annihilate the conceptual and immaterial.

* Grandioso is one piece that plays 3 different beats, followed by 3 different effects:

  • Abraham's Faith: The music cancels out the 6 senses of a target(s).
  • Isaac's Hope: The music multiplies the defenses of a target(s) by zero.
  • Jacob's Charity: The music halts all motion of a target(s) on the quantum level.

* Finale is one piece that plays 3 different beats, followed by 3 different effects:

  • War: The target instantly experiences every type of pain, torture, and death imaginable. The target will be granted with all of the outcomes presented to him/her.
  • Peace: Time stops even in a realm where time does not exist, completely reducing all matter, mass, energy, substance, and form into 0.
  • Revolution: Time resets without the existence of the target...

* My Final Symphony

  • Intercession: allows him to mere with the Plank Epoch.
  • Evanescence: halts all movement on a quantum level. All energy and matter stops e.g. subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks and leptons cease because they are the fundamental elements of matter.
  • Resplendence: turns Waltz into the Omniverse's manifestation of a higher plane of existence's energy.