Wave Source
Wave Source
Photo Novel Glory of the Defeated
Physiology Old God
Height Infinite Dimensional
Weight Infinite Dimensional
Eye Color Inapplicable
Hair Color Inapplicable
Age Infinite
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Omniversally Irreversibly Erased
Gender Inapplicable
Family Basileus
Love Interests Inapplicable
Affiliation Basileus

Wave Source is an Old God that appears in the Glory of the Defeated series.


Wave Source appears as a bodiless existence from the higher dimensions outside of all levels of infinity; the Wave Source exists in the form of "waves" and thus, cannot be perceived, in its normal state or by the mind.

Wave Source first appears in Volume 1. It appears before Alexandreus during his for the extermination of the Old Gods. Alexandreus was surprised to see Wave Source; the representation of an 'Existence' of a higher dimension outside of the infinite.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Wave Source is an Old God. Because it holds the title of Basileus, Wave Source is infinite. Wave Source is boundless (therefore it takes up an infinite amount of space and time). At the same time, Wave Source sits at the center of all Creation. A Basileus is by definition, all that exists. Wave Source exists outside the hierarchies of infinity, residing beyond time and space. At the same time, Wave Source exists inside all of Creation and is present at all points.

Higher Existence Antimatter Generation: Wave Source can emit antimatter waves, completely annihilating a level of infinity. A mere level of infinity possesses a countable set of infinities. This means that a level of infinity contains all of existence, all fundamentals, all abstracts, all forms, all substances, all truths, all unions, all possibilities, all phenomena, and all actualities. They each exist within an absolute infinite multiplicity amount of sets, subsets, and supersets. A level of infinity, in fact, contains an absolute infinite amount of levels within it. Wave Source generated a mere vibration of a higher existence of antimatter waves to complete annihilate a level of infinity.

Higher Existence Waves: Wave Source, all-encompassing, can send out transfinite amounts of higher existence waves. Each one breaks down the target's principle function, true essence, and the infinite potential phenomena of their existence.

Unity: In case of a cosmic anomaly that exists outside of the Omniverse appears, Wave Source is able to 'merge' (or 'synchronize') with the wave existence of that target, completely becoming one within the target.

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